Deathwatch: GAME gloom again

game-logo GAME are having a gloomy time yet again, with shares plummeting by more than 40% as the markets took notice of another profit warning from the video game vendor.

The retailer is suffering after heavy discounting after the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas period. Basically, the group got more bodies through the door, but sales actually fell.

Of course, GAME went bankrupt two years ago, but last November, profits were up and they looked like they were going to get things rolling again.

Chief executive of GAME, Martyn Gibbs said: "Our strategy is to grow customer lifetime value and over the Christmas trading period, starting with Black Friday, we invested margin in offering gamers competitive product propositions through the bundling of games with hardware and reduced pricing, to recruit as many new generation customers as quickly as possible."

"We now have a huge customer base within the new formats, to sell both mint and pre-owned physical and digital content and accessories to over the long term."

"We have a solid line up of new physical and digital games being launched in our second half and have already secured a number of key exclusives. Our teams remain focused on delivering our unique specialist gaming experience for our customers."

Trying to woo people back through the door is one thing, but shooting yourself in the foot while you do it, is quite another.


  • Simon B.
    No sympathy! They may have followed everyone else in conducting Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales, but the rest of the time they rip customers off! Their prices are generally higher than other online retailers and with no competition on the high street they seem to charge what they want. What's worse is, people pay it too!
  • Pedro
    As above. Also if they pushed pc gaming more they would get much better repeat business than making magic box consoles cheaper as a one off but still charge 50 quid a game... And that's without having to "invest margins"
  • Jessie J.
    They need to sort there shit out!! One game that I saw had 6, yes that's 6 different prices on it. When I took it to the counter, they gave me a price that wasn't even on the Game!! They could also do with getting some slightly older gamers to work in the shop. Plus they are just overpriced. All in all they are a bunch of fucktards.
  • qwertyuiop
    And yet if people ARE paying the stupid price hikes you do need to wonder why they're in trouble.
  • kv
    “We now have a huge customer base within the new formats, to sell both mint and pre-owned physical and digital content and accessories to over the long term.” notice the use of the word MINT instead of NEW to cover the fact that instead of getting a new sealed copy you'll get a display case with a game that may or may not have been used to demo the game instore.
  • Chris
    The whole new but not sealed has always annoyed me, and I once got what was clearly a used game sent to me as a new copy... took ages for any kind of meaningful reply... Customer service can be very poor, and it's service that still counts for a lot in my opinion.
  • kv
    one of the reasons I'll always go to Amazon (even if it costs more) when buying a game as a present, because I can be 100% sure it will be factory sealed.

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