Dealspwn's game deals of the week

We like to play games on the Bitterwallet side of the office. Bread frisbee, for example. But don't get all technological on our ass - leave that for the fresh faced punks on the other side of the cheese plants. Those kids from sister site Dealspwn laugh at our analogue leanings, preferring to immerse themselves in a digital utopia, which we imagine to look a little like Tron.

Here's Dealspwn's Editor Emma to take you by the VR glove and walk you through the best gaming bargains of the week:

The Secret Of Monkey Island - £3.49 @ Steam (PC game) - This classic point-and-click adventure from Lucasarts has been lovingly revamped, and is selling for half price on Steam this weekend only! Fans of the Monkey Island series have been re-living their favourite Guybrush moments, involving grog, rubber chickens, voodoo ladies and pirates. ArrrrrRRRRR!


Assassin's Creed - £8.95 @ The Game Collection (Xbox 360 game) - For only £8.95, you can get the graphically stunning Assassin's Creed from The Game Collection. Assassin's Creed 2 is due to be released next month, so you might want to take advantage of the low price on the first game, if you haven't played it before.

Fallout 3 - £11.89 @ Sendit (Ps3 game) - Fallout 3 is currently priced at £15 @ Game, so it's a bargain price for only £11.89 at Sendit. Fallout 3 has so many positive points; its huge world, the interesting  mix of gaming genres, flexible characterisation, brilliant combat system, beautiful design - all making for a superb gaming experience.


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