Deal Klaxon! Loads of cheap downloadable PC games all weekend!

Here at Bitterwallet, there’s pretty much only two things that we love unreservedly – PC games and lists. Which is why our collective mind has been BLOWN by a huge list of currently reduced games that has been put together by avid HotUKDeals user Eggyclaw for all of us and all of you.

They’re all digital downloads and have been drawn from a variety of sources – among the best of the bunch is Saints Row: The Third at 50% off, Call of Juarez: The Cartel (75% off), Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (50% off) and Woodcutter Simulator (50% off).

There you go – that’s the rest of your Sunday sorted. No need to waste the rest of your day surfing the internet looking for a picture of a dog dressed as two pirates instead. Because here’s one.



  • Mark
    Aren't all PC games digital?
  • The B.
    I seem to remember that someone did create an analogue computer at some point purely for the hell of it but I doubt they wrote any games on it.
  • Ada L.
    Ah, that would have been my old buddy Babbage with his difference engine. He actually ported Doom to it, but you had to control it by inputting polynomials. And you needed an orchestra on hand if you wanted the music.

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