Deal Klaxon: HP Touchpad £89 price cut confirmed

22 August 2011

hp_touchpad Earlier on, we brought you the news that HP are liquidating stock of their TouchPad tablet after deciding to discontinue it. We had the hump as well, as American customers were getting it for as little as $99 while there was no real price drop on offer here.

All that has now changed. Dixons have just tweeted that they’re reducing the 16GB version to £89 and the 32GB to £115. Stock will be limited, will be available online only, and will be up for grabs “later today.” Currys and PC World will be selling reduced stock from tomorrow.

F5 for refresh everyone, and if you hear of any more confirmed reductions, give us a shout in the comments box below.

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  • PokeHerPete
    Im going to wait till the iPad is discontinued and get it when the price drops then.
  • Euan
    So, let's see what translates 16GB money as... 99.00 USD = 60.1560 GBP 89.00 GBP = 146.469 USD So if things were "fair", either we'd be paying £60 or the Americans would be paying $146. Screwed as usual...
  • StuPid
    @PokeHerPete. Dixons actually have the 64GB iPad 1, wifi +3G for £399.
  • Duncan
    Euan, Sales tax - you forgot the sales tax. £89 ex. VAT is £74. It's not £60, but it's closer. The 32GB tablet is $149 in the US, equivalent to £90. UK price is £96 ex. VAT.
  • Rain p.
    I'd be worried about buying a WebOS device with few apps availble, no ongoing manufacturer support etc. Think IE4 vs today's standards, then roll forward a year or two and imagine where you will be with a WebOS powered HP brick. With no software updates the device will be soon be hackable and will eventually not support the latest Web standards. Just a thought.
  • StuPid
    @Rain - apart from the price has encouraged a lot of devs, who are well along with ubintu on the Touchpad, and will definitely be sticking Android on it. If Ice-Cream Sandwich is released soon (or the source code for Honeycomb) then we'll see some major development. All this is in addition to the statement that HP have made suggesting that they will be continuing development of webOS - it will be supported for at least a year (and if not either take the £89 hit or 'drop' it and use the warranty system - they are hardly going to replace it, so will likely refund you. I have an iPad, but my wife wants a tablet and for £89 this is a bargain in the here and now (and I have an Argos reservation lasting another week somehow)
  • RazorD
    @Euan You need to add 20% tax, too, which they don't pay in America. That'd make it £74. Plus import tax, you're not far away.
  • Barry M.
    uummm not sure what I have - spent two hours hunting for a touchpad, no stock at argos, currys, dixons, best buy or pc world carphone warehouse did have stock, but website very slow I did eventually manage to place an order, got a confirmation to my hotmail. And now its gone! WTF? do recall emails even work with hotmail?
  • Amin
    I called PCWORLD; no more stock!
  • bingobango
    Stupid PCworld website let me add a 32gb one to cart, take it all the way to payment checkout - before telling me there is none in stock. Wonder if amazon will drop the price too?
  • Bosko B.
    I reserved a 32gb model last night to collect from store, just received a voicemail saying they had sold out. The btards sold my reservation! spoke to customer services, no help. Sending complaint email now.
  • chris j.
    Got one from tesco who told me I can return it up to 28days from now so long as i don't open it. Hopefully the price will drop to the sale level in the meantime or HP refunds the price difference, else the elephant goes back.....
  • Simon
    Well I flew in to Staples first thing and there were 2 guys in front of me who were about to purchase four Touchpads. Manager came over and said that he wasn't going to allow multiple purchases, but as there were two of them they could purchase 2. Took the others off them and put them back in the office. I ask for one 32GB Touchpad, the girl goes to fetch it and the manager comes over saying that there are none left, the others are reserved stock. Smells like BS to me! I then order online with Staples as soon as the price dropped. order went through. Long story short they are cancelling all orders, as they don't know what they've sold to who by all accounts. Sounds again like BS to me. How can a company of that size not have an order fulfilment system that can properly track orders against stock!? Not going to be bothering with Staples in future. They don't know what they're doing and the store management is suspect.
  • Bosko b.
    I have just been offered a £25 gift voucher for the "inconvenience" of PC World selling my confirmed reservation. I have replied back stating this is not acceptable.
  • Bratters
    It isn't the systems (Even if it was its understandable considering how many people would of been trying to reserve them) The staff are obviously 'reserving' them for themselves .. that's a perk of the job! If you want to get the best of deals like this .. get a job the store. Sent from my brand new HP touch pad.

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