Deal Klaxon: Dirt cheap pre-owned games on sale now at Gamestation

Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 16.00.54 Word on the street is that the Game Group of stores is sailing through some choppy fiscal waters at the moment and further evidence of ‘trouble at t’mill’ has emerged over the last couple of hours with what can possibly be described as a firesale of pre-owned titles at their Gamestation website.

There’s scores of games up for grabs for around the £2.00-3.00 mark and they’ve all been collated into a handy list by avid HotUKDeals user wjaime. Get ‘em while they’re hot (even though technically they’re mostly fairly old and might have someone else’s DNA all over them).


  • Mary H.
    "Number of XBOX LIVE players online during day increased dramatically, no one knows why..."
  • The J.
    All game stores will close forever tomorrow thanks to my new iPad HD Delux with haptic weave. All people will want one and throw their old consoles onto a pyreas they shoul have done years ago. People will only buy games from us now; as it was meant to be. Billions of my followers are literally spunking with excitement as you read these words! Only minutes to go. All hail my new beginning! sent from my iPad 4 ultra. (you can't have one of these until next year when you reach the next level my loyal followers)
  • The J.
    Pyreas = pyres Fucking Siri - gonna have to fix her for the iPad 5 UHD Believix
  • Capability s.
    Wheres the fucking link to the thread then you useless morons
  • klingelton
    I can't make heads nor tails of this shit website. Can't wait for them to go bust!

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