Deal Attack! Gran Turismo 5 - pre-order (was) at less than half price!

EDIT: It's Tuesday morning and the pre-order price of the game has now gone up to £37.96. Everything you are about to read is complete balls. But it was good while it lasted.

Here’s one that’s lighting up the HotUKDeals forum tonight – the brand new Gran Tursimo game for the PS3, GT5, on pre-order for only £17.59 via Amazon!

The RRP is £39.99 and although there’s no official release date for the game, the word on the net is that it’ll be available as early as the end of September.

Lots of HUKDers are poo-pooing the deal, saying that it’s an obvious misprice, but as Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee states…

“'s price for not-yet-released items sometimes changes between the time the item is listed for sale and the time it is released and dispatched. Whenever you pre-order a book, CD, video, DVD, software or video game, the price you will pay will be the lowest price offered by between the time you place your order and up to and including the release date.”

Got to be worth a punt for the most eagerly-awaited driving-cars-fast game of the year. Peep peep!

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(deal found by HUKD member doofenshc)


  • Sean
    The beat on the street says GT5 will be on its feet, November. Word.
  • Andy D.
    Tim Westwood there everybody! Give him a big hand!
  • TV's B.
    Hello. I don't approve of Dealspwn. Please may I say in your bed tonight Andy?
  • Andy D.
    Don't be afraid of Dealspwn. It's just bright colours and young people's words.
  • Mike e.
    Is rly dont no wot thy say on that dealpwn lools rofl, bloody game geeks!
  • leigh
    Boooooo... price has gone back up now
  • Nobby
    It's even worse when adverts for the same product appear on Bitterwallet and Dealspwn.
  • Gus
    Dealspawn posted a review of Killzone 2 WOW
  • Marcus S.
    dealspunk is shit, it's all "oh look, we read digitiser and have tried to copy it, very badly". School Report says: Must Try Harder. DYS?
  • Andy D.
    “oh look, we read digitiser and have tried to copy it, very badly” That's us, surely?
  • Jeffrey A.
    Hat fits?
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] night, HotUKDeals was ablaze with a pre-release offer for the upcoming Gran Turismo 5. In the end, by the time the price was hiked back up again, HUKD was too hot to even look [...]
  • Marcus S.
    Yes, it's true of this site too - but this only has occasional bits of game-related stuff. So we'll let you off. Now STAY AWAY FROM MY BINS!
  • Andy D.
    We're in advanced negotiations with The Rapping Shoe to do a regular column for us but he drives a hard bargain.
  • Marcus S.
    If you could convince the Fat Sow, Wired Child (and his puffy jacket) and Gossi the Dog to defect (from wherever they are residing) that would be epic! This site could do with more puffys in fact. anyone for a bottle of wkd?

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