Deal Attack! 25% off a year of PS Plus (soon)...

PS-Plus (1) Yesterday, we told you about the latest goings on in the PS Plus store for Playstation users. There’s free games galore, with the list of gratis titles being updated and rotated on a regular basis, all for an annual subscription fee that is the equivalent of one full-price game.

If you’re still wavering about signing up, or if you’re on the brink of getting a piece of it, hold your fire until for a short while longer. From 5th September, for two weeks, you’ll be able to get 25% off a year’s PS+ subscription, getting you all those free goodies for only £30 instead of £40.

More info over at HotUKDeals, where avid user HCT broke the news earlier…


  • kv
    still got nothing on xbox live
  • qwertyuiop
    Really? Tell that to all the adverts that clog up the dashboard. Even Gold members see them. And if that weren't the case, M$ should be using the advertising revenue to pay for everyone's online access. And don't give me the whole you can turn them off spiel, it's a hassle to do and they shouldn't exist to begin with. I can't fathom why people are so against the PSN for online gaming. It works, it does what it is supposed to and it does it for free!
  • daniel
    i dont want to start a console war or anything but having gone fro xbox over too ps3 i must say its a far better machine :) no in all seriousness paying to play online is on its way out , there are so many places where you can play online for free that for people to continue lining the pockets of microsoft for the pleasure is just stupid . there servers are down far more often than on ps3 for a start . i am just hoping i can stack this offer on top of the current sub i have . ? ?

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