Consoles now cheaper than a bag of chips!*

If you’ve got a spare couple of hundred quid flip-flapping about in your pocket and you’re looking to invest in a games console this bank holiday weekend, there’s a red-hot deal for each of the big three available right now.

First up comes the Xbox 360 Elite bundle for £199.99. As well as the console, you’ll also get Resident Evil 5, Fight Night Round 4 and an extra wireless controller. There’s free delivery and the possibility of another £10 off if you’re eligible to use the 5% off code that you’ll find at HotUKDeals.

You can also pick up an official Xbox 360 play and charge kit for the unfeasibly cheap price of £4.99 right now. So you should.

If you’re of a Wii-type of an animal, you can get the stand-alone Wii console, which comes with Wii Sports, a Wii remote and nunchuck for only £139.97 delivered at the moment. Something here for voucher fans too – an extra tenner off if you use the code that’s waiting for you at HUKD.

Finally, there’s the PS3. Prices are dropping ahead of the launch of the PS3 Slim, but there’s nowt wrong with the good old 80GB PS3. If you fancy one, you can nab one right now for just £199. No vouchers and no bundled games with this one, but if it’s game offers you’re after, get over to Dealspwn and see what they can do for you.

If you prefer to spend the bank holiday in a more traditional way, you can come round to BWHQ and mow the lawn for us. It’s about seven feet high and in serious need of a scalping. Vince went out to tackle it a couple of weeks ago and we haven’t seen him since…

* Bag of chips used in comparison weighs eight tons.


  • me
    holy shit! you linked to one of my deals :)
  • Hmm...
    re lawn mowing
  • ODB
    are the original finders of the deals not getting credit anymore?
  • cheaper c.
    8 TONS !!! you could easily buy a house with thats amount of crisps... 15 Kg would be more than enough* *single packets that is- you could probably find a decent multipack deal on here!
  • math t.
    TONNES. English, not amerifags here.
  • Justin
    When buying a console, one must consider the inflated costs of games due to the subsidized nature of the hardware distribution model.
  • Shogun S.
    Come on guys, are grown adults still buying and wasting their time playing games on consoles?

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