Competition time! Can you find the UK's worst Christmas gift?

As Christmas approaches and our thoughts turn to sweet baby Jesus, another Yuletide tradition is upon us. Across the land, in every shopping centre, on every high street, there opens a shop of shit. Or four. Yes, the bargain stores are back for six weeks only, infringing on copyright and trademarks at every conceivable opportunity.

So we need your help, folks. You'll already know where your closest tavern of tat is opening, so check out what crap they're selling. We're looking for those gifts that at best could be described as ill-fitting tributes to popular Christmas presents, and at worst as badly-made rip-off plastic knackers.

We'll kick with one of our own, spotted last night at a shop of shit in Gateshead's Metro Centre. Not sure what Mister Nintendo would make of it, and you just know some kid is going to wake up on Christmas morning and realise their parents no longer love them:

Can you do better? You can? Yes please. Send your photos to [email protected] There'll be some sort of prize for the winner. Possibly. Actually, probably not. But it's fun to share, right?


  • Nick G.
    Kids should be greatful with what they are given.... theres a lot of very un-greatful bar stools these days. Mi Wi or Wii... they should stop moaning and think them self lucky.
  • paul
    Urgh I hate the metro centre, what idiot would actually agree to stocking this??
  • The B.
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  • HMRC B.
    [...] Oh yeah, I remember now. [...]
  • leefal
    BUYER BEWARE the MiWi2 is just the original MiWi in different packaging. A bit like John Culshaw, no matter what guise he's in he'll always be shite.

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