Commercial Break: Tyson WILL cure your Angry Birds addiction

Are you an Angry Birds addict? Finding that you’re spending days on end just trying to get past one particular level, unaware that elsewhere, the world continues to turn and that normal people are getting on with actual living?

You need help. Proper help, from a man who has been at the very top of his game and strode the world like a colossus. A winner. No, not Charlie Sheen. You need Mike Tyson.

He’s currently starring in a documentary series where he shows his lifelong love of pigeon racing – real birds as opposed to angry cartoon ones, and here he demonstrates some of his bird-handling skills with the Mike Tyson Angry Birds Addiction Cure.

Don’t argue with him – he’s probably still capable of smashing your skull in like it’s a cream cake.


  • Henry C.
    Nice Goatsie ansd Mike.
  • Henry c.
    Of course I meant Goatsie hands

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