Commercial Break: Moved to near boredom by new PS3 ad

Oooh, the Playstation Move is almost here! You know, the motion-sensor controller that has a big stupid-looking coloured ball on the end and lets you play games in a Nintendo Wii style, three years after the Wii itself.

Here’s a new ad from Sony that shows off just how amazing life will be once you allow the PS Move into it. Well, amazing if you’ve been living in a cave since 2007 and have never seen a Wii before. Otherwise, the dramatic, crashing music and quick-cut visuals will probably lead you to conclude that… it’s just like a Wii then?

Stupid coloured ball.


  • Whisky
    Just like a Wii.... except the graphics aren't shit.
  • Nobby
    Nobody stuck it on their wang. Get real, it's what people will do for a laugh.
  • RD
    And what got your pants in a twist this morning? Or is it just bashing Sony for the sake of it?
  • Yoda
    Graphics do not a good game make hmm?
  • Brian's U.
    oh dear, badwagon late joining. I've been doing this since 2007 on the wii. motion control is so last decade.
  • Alexis
    Why do they say it's not for kids and then show some kids dancing to a kid's game?
  • pigsh*t
    andy dawson can get bored during a 1 min commercial?? poor spoilt little precious darling.
  • Keven B.
    Good graphics don't make good games but shit graphics do make shit games.
  • The B.
    I'll reserve judgement until some "decent" games start coming out for it. RE4 on the wii, is still a superb game.
  • zleet
    So are they going to force awkward Move controls into most games now like they did with the sixaxis? The only bonus I can see with the new weird dildo looking controller is basically having a Wii with better graphics.
  • me
    I have been playing with my own joystick since 1985 when my auntie bought a VCR and instead of a normal film it came with a XXX. Much better than WII and this. Sometimes a let my girlfriend play with it as well.
  • Brain
    I really don't like the idea of the 360's kinect but at least it brings something new to the table. This is just a straight port of Wii technology.
  • emote
    I was wondering where all the hype in the magazines was this month about MOVE then Looking at all the reviews of the Move i see why they werent shouting about it. I have Moved(lol) from a must buy on day of launch to a wait and see. Only one game semi worth considering on launch thats just pathetic, when Wii launched it had more games and a Zelda for the gamers out there. Im waiting until some better games come along, dont need another set of controllers hanging around.
  • Devil's A. I must really find Kaz Hirai's DeLorean time machine so I too can jump on band wagons 3 years before the product is released. Not yet convinced about the move, but have a feeling like it might be something like guitar hero where when I first played it round my brother's, I was on (back when it was still brilliant) 10 minutes later ordering it for myself. Anyway my brother is getting a Move on launch so will try before I buy yet again. And kinect bringing something new *eyetoy says: "hello there"* and if you respond with "but, but the accuracy of kinect...." then how would that be different to the accuracy of move over the wii?
  • StauntonLick
    Got to love Kevin Butler. Although not the one that posted the inane comment about graphics above.
  • bummble
    "Playstation 3 it only does.....Everything*" * just not linux or BC :o( But thanks to Groove it will again :o)
  • John B.
    00:26s = MILF.
  • Dane
    2006 actually. Wii was released in November 2006. Making it the #1 x-mas gift. I should know, was the Nintendo fan-boi on the waiting list. By the time DSGi got off their arses it was February by the time I got it. @The Real Bob. If you like RE4. Try House of the Dead: Overkill or even RE: Umbrella Chronicles /pedantry

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