Commercial Break: meet Johnnie Marbles' favourite game

Sadly, health and safety wouldn’t allow this kind of thing these days. Neither would your mother, if the price of squirty cream is anything to go by. Having said that, it looks like ten tons of fun, and much better than modern kids games that we’ve just made up like Be The Butler, Travelodge – The Game, and Swan Dentist.

It’s called Pie Face and it comes to us straight out of the 1960s, a time when anything was possible – until all those political assassinations started. It’s fun and it contains mild violence and humiliation. Sounds like our favourite kind of night in.

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  • Dick
    If they are allowed to play it in the Houses of Parliament, why shouldn't kids play too? It's a bit like the "electric shock" game you used to be able to get in the 1970s. Can't remember its proper name. That was good fun, especially if you cheated.

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