Commercial Break: Is Wappy Dog the final straw?

Sega hate us. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have created this, Wappy Dog, a plastic mutt that your kids will be able to control via their Nintendo DS once this thing goes on sale soon. Don’t worry – it’s electronic yapping isn’t in any way deeply annoying. Oh hang on – yes it fucking well is.

It’ll amuse your younglings for hours, plus there’s also a chance that you can trip over it on the stairs and kill yourself. And are we the only ones who think the voiceover lady actually wants to say “All the fun, without all the... SHIT!” right at the end? Probably.


  • Esarty
    Kids that age who wear hats need putting down
  • Dick
    Where are the genitalia? How are kids supposed to learn how to train dogs properly if you cannot fiddle with them (the dogs not the kids)? And why is this shit in (American) English? Surely it should be in Japanese.
  • Terry
    I think she says, "without all the shatting" btw who feeds their dog cake???
  • FFS
    Where have I seen this shitty gimmick before? Oh that's right, Nintendo did it with ROB the Robot two and a half decades ago.
  • crap
    what stupid kids, feeding the dog cake. and who says the dog doesnt like it when he pulls on his tail?

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