Commercial Break: Grow up son, eh?

If you’re an adult who plays console games, then you’ll be more than familiar with people telling you that you’re nothing more than a bloody big kid who should grow up and start acting your age. Like proper adults with their furrowed brows, endowment policies and complicated lifestyles.

Well bollocks to all of that eh? We don’t know whether this Playstation ad from Argentina is referencing all of that ‘overgrown child’ stuff – all we know is that the great big kid in it made us giggle as well as act as a mirror to how we feel most of the time... yes - the car alarm stuff...


  • Passer B.
    LEGENDARY!! This is why Sony PlayStation rocks.
  • Kevin S.
    Weird but funny
  • Batman
    I will get you babyface!
  • Dunfyboy
    Do Sony still advertise the PS3? I can't remember seeing a PS3 advert in months.

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