Commercial Break: Bitterwallet - how we learn to do what we does

If you want to write for a top website like Bitterwallet, you’ve got to be able to hammer out an article in double-quick time, making sure that it’s interesting, informative, concise and conspibulary. Not easy.

All of our writers work in the shadow a rigorous and occasionally gruesome quality control regime, with the help of a series of bespoke training videos. Here’s one that we were all made to watch 65 times this morning before we started work. We hope you can tell that it’s made a difffrence.



  • acecatcher3
    ur mums easy bawbag muhahahahahahahaha andy, give me my shot at an article, it makes sense. x
  • Joff
    Stuff writing for BW, I want to make my fortune being a TYPIST. Imagine that.
  • Tom P.
    All you chicken sh*t conscientious objectors at BW should not make fun of an old Vietnam vet !!!!!!!!!
  • Tom P.
    OK, so it's a Korean vet, but my post still makes more sense than some of the cr*p here
  • Pokey
    I love that you guys think of yourselves as 'writers'. What a joke. The irony of this site and the shit that gets posted on it is that it's takes itself so seriously. Bitterwallet is so much more ridiculously toss and unnecessary than anything you 'write' about. When are you going to get proper jobs and actually contribute something to society?
  • Andy D.
    @Pokey - We're waiting....
  • Pokey
    Now you are having a laugh...
  • Andy D.
    Why am I having a laugh Pokey? And what's your definition of a proper job? Come on - if you hate what's on the site so much, the invitation is there for you to contribute and improve it. So as I said, we're waiting. P.S. If you DO hate the site so much, what the fuck are you doing reading it on a Saturday? Nothing better to do on the days off from your 'proper' job?
  • Pokey
    Well at the moment I have my 18 month old daughter taking a nap on top of me, so there's not much more within reach that I can do right now. When she wakes up we're off to the local animal park. I only ever read the site under similar circumstances and only when I have read everything else I can think to; I take a scan over some of the comments here because they make me laugh. Please don't assume that I evaluated what you do in comparison with my own vocation. I'm not that egotistical. I judged the site on its content, and the fact that you take yourselves so seriously but consider everything else - especially your core subject matter - a joke. However, my 'proper' job and the other interests and activities which occupy my time mean that even if I wanted to take you up on your invitation, I couldn't. If I was to take up blogging as a serious commitment, there are so many other subjects closer to my heart than taking pleasure at the latest funny price ticket at Tesco, the next stealth charge Ryanair come up with or which high street store is the next to make its unfortunate staff unemployed. Thanks for the invitation, but I pass.
  • Andy D.
    Still baffled as to how you think we take ourselves seriously. I certainly hope you didn't take the post that we're commenting under now as a piece of genuinely heartfelt prose. For no other reason than the fact that I included a word that doesn't actually exist. The point of the site is to cover consumer issues and highlight dubious and sometimes borderline-illegal business practices by hugely successful companies like Ryanair. But we try to do it in a light-hearted and irreverent way and if the style of humour isn't to your taste then that's unfortunate but I won't lose a wink of sleep over it - you can't please all the people all the time. Hope you enjoy the animal park - one of the benefits of being a writer means that I get to work from home and spend as much time with my 16-month old son as I possibly can, way more than I would have done in the past when I had a 'proper' job.

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