Commercial Break: 8-bit gaming spoof aims to stop sexy kids getting diseases and babies

Let’s hope that the randy, careless teens of Leicestershire are huge fans of old-school 8-bit video games – otherwise they might find themselves scratching their horny little heads (not those heads) as they try to figure out just what the fug this is meant to be all about.

Aimed at getting sexually slapdash youngsters to put a cock-hat on before playing the non-console game that is sometimes known as ‘hide the sausage’, we’re not sure whether this will do the trick. Maybe getting a more up-to-date cultural reference involved might have helped. Someone like Leslie Crowther or Yazz.

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on the clap clinic and teen pregnancy stats of Leicestershire over the next couple of years, that’s for sure...


  • thecresta
    It's a bit too advanced for the 8bit platforms. That looks like early 16bit.
  • Alexis
    Why doesn't she buy a fecking pack then? The wench ain't worth it ginger.
  • llusnewo
    Wouldn't mind playing that game, looks quite good
  • Paul C.
    Oh dear. Quite happy to talk about sex and STIs in a 'down with the kids' awareness campaign yet still too prudish to display genitalia in animated form No wonder children grow up naive to the facts. Though, I don't suggest you display yours to any children.
  • Nobby
    I don't really get what they are trying to say. He gets one condom, then battles his way through loads of nasties which are presumably STDs using this condom. So he screws around a bit coming across and defeating a load of STDs, then the woman allows him to fuck her using the same condom? Is that what happens these days?

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