Better, slimmer, faster... the new Xbox 360

14 June 2010

Following yesterday's public unveiling of Kinect, Microsoft have now announced an updated Xbox 360 that is available from, well... now. It's priced the same as the current model, includes a 250GB hard drive - nearly over twice the size of the current 120GB - and WiFi connectivity. Grab your vuvuzela, kids - we declare the new console wars well and truly open.

Bitterwallet - the new Xbox 360


  • Simon
    now if it had blu-ray....
  • Rolly
    I wonder if it will be quieter than the old jet engine one.
  • And S.
    Old News
  • Galaxy
    Quite funny. This little console war is very similar to the Apple vs Android war. Here we have XBOX bringing out a slimmer version with free wifi connectivity years behind Playstation, yet advertising this release and its features as cutting edge. And still without basic things that the Playstation has (Blu-ray, free internet) Likewise with Apple, releasing newer versions of its phone offering larger screen and a few other things (finally catching up) many months behind Android's releases; and still doesn't offer things like wifi hotspot tethering and Flash! There are so many people out there who know nothing about technology and just follow pop culture. It seriously is a downward spiral.
  • Kev
    How is a 250GB drive "Nearly twice the size of the current 120GB" When I went to school 120 x 2 = 240!?!?!
  • The B.
    How's the power cable? Likely to burn your house down.
  • DragonChris
    What? FUCK! I've got 3 of the old ones :( I WANT
  • kev
    they already have one with a 250gb hard drive it's called a Super Elite
  • Luke
    @kev "How is a 250GB drive “Nearly twice the size of the current 120GB” When I went to school 120 x 2 = 240!?!?!" They obviously didn't teach you how to read in that school of yours, the key is in the use of the word 'nearly'...
  • kev
    @ Luke, I assume you're talking to Kev ; )
  • Ryan E.
    How is it faster?
  • Richard
    wonder how long these things will last before RRoD
  • Mr O.
    Will it blend?
  • Howard M.
    Can I wrap my current one in a towel and swap it for one of those?
  • Luke
    @kev "@ Luke, I assume you’re talking to Kev ; )" haha yes indeed, stupid lack of quote button.
  • dunfyboy
    230gb is almost twice as much as 120gb
  • beatle
    @Luke I think what Kev is trying to say is that nearly means not quite. 120 x 2 = 240 so 250gb is more than double the size not nearly double the size. Yes i'm bored.
  • nob
    actually 250gb is still nearly 240gb, it's just coming from the other direction is all. Just most sane people don't use the word nearly to describe something that's above the quoted amount that's nearly the same.
  • Codify Natal FTW
  • Howard M.
    Wiggling your body around is no substitute for buttons, as my gran used to say when she reminisced about her panto days.
  • Simon W.
    I have a PS3, it has Blue Ray...500GB Drive....Come on Xbox 360 you need a Blue Ray... Give in.....
  • Gary
    @ Luke Luke, I can only assume that at YOUR school they didn't teach you either basic arithmetic or the meaning of the word "nearly". 250GB is not "nearly double" 120GB. It's MORE than double 120GB. If the capacity was "nearly double" 120GB, it'd be something like 230GB or 235GB.
  • yak
    if you have a ps3 with blu ray why do you need your xbox to have it? personally i'd rather not have it than pay another 100 quid for for something that's of no real use to me
  • Matt
    Looking at all the Demos of Natal/Kinetic, you have to have a completely white living room, with no furniture in for it to work... :-p
  • Paul S.
    Slip of the fingers, chaps, now corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.
  • Gunn
    Would have been really impressive if power unit was internal and it was actually a little bit cheaper.
  • New B.
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  • Ten B.
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  • 360s
    Comparison - it doesnt blend well with the anything i have, i have a shiny t.v and a shiny blu-ray so this new 360 will work well. I am running out of HD space (20gb) so this will be a great amount for t.v shows etc. Quieter!! my 360 sounds like a jet when playing games this new one will be a lot better. built in wi-fi, well that is a plus i guess. more USB ports? why do this ? we have two in the front (yay) and 3 in the back, i dont want to go round the back to plug stuff in they should be on the front and one in the back hmm. DISC TRAY, i was hoping for (as i call it) a sucking tray when the console sucks in the disk like the wii and ps3 but we still have this outdated eject loading tray!. im not so keen on the big fan on top but it will probably be ok when i get it, if people say this is a waste of money well that is ur opinion for me its not that much to pay for an UPGRADE !

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