Asda take £100 off Nintendo Wii U... again

15 July 2013


The Nintendo Wii U is looking like the slowest selling console in history, with no-one wanting anything to do with it. So beleaguered is Nintendo's newest gizmo that Asda has slashed the price of it by £100 again.

The Wii U Premium/Nintendoland bundle has been reduced to £199, while the basic model is £149.99.

Asda last cut the price of the console back in May, but it doesn't seem to be making much difference, even though Nintendo’s own figures reckon that 3.45 million Wii U consoles have been sold between November 30th and December 31st 2012. It seems, since the new year, sales have plummeted and it has been reported that Nintendo have shifted a paltry 390,000 in the first three months of 2013.

A stark contrast to the predicted 9 million in sales by Nintendo.

With EA already ditching Wii U and other third party publishers looking to do the same, this is a dreadful time for the Mario makers. With the Xbox One and Sony PS4 due to launch later this year, it could be curtains for the console.


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  • crap
    What a shit, boring, out of date article. That's enough of the author though.
  • Can't m.
    Good. Enough of the casual games bullshit. Little kiddies and grannies can fuck off and play on phones and tablets. Leave consoles to the real gamers.
  • Paul C.
    Nintendo will end up like Sega. Publishing their franchises for Sony & Microsoft. I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. They've sat on their arse with the same IPs for many years feeding off nostalgia and lacking foresight with their technology. Fuck them.
  • shiftynifty
    Imagine they will soon be bundled with something where they are given away free
  • Jonny S.
    I am one of the few who have this fine device. I bought it cos it was cheap and I was bored of my XBox Full Turn. I fully expect it to die soon but once thing has to be said about it - some of the games on it are fucking ace. Zombie U and Lego City for start. Buy it if it cheap and enjoy it before it dies...
  • Spencer
    This stinks of the dreamcast... the last ditch and some would say best console this company has released will also be its last. Pity. They needed more cats...
  • fibbingarchie
    In my opinion it was all downhill for Nintendo after the Bob Hoskins/Super Mario fiasco. Shigeru Miyamoto must be spinning in his grave....oh wait, he's still alive.
  • LancerVance
    Surely the 3DO, CD32, Virtual Boy, AND LOADS OF OTHER CONSOLES sold less and at a slower rate. Bad article Mof. The death of Nintendo keeps coming up, but the Gamecube didn't kill them and the N64 was smashed by the PS1 too. As long as the next handheld or console is great, they'll keep on trucking. As a parent of three <5s we love the Wii U, and buy a dozen full price new releases a year. In the family market they can't be beat; I buy a couple of PS3 games a year and PS+ does the rest, and the xbox has been relegated to the kids bedroom as a avi player. Wii U: shot for gamers, great for parents.
  • StuPid
    Spot on LancerVance, The Xbox 360 has also been relegated upstairs - the PS3 is the games console I prefer (and with PS+ and a Vita, I have plenty of games) and the Wii U is a great little machine - overpriced and lacking in quality of games, but Lego City is fantastic and playing Mario on the gamepad is great for the smaller kids/wife whenever we don't want to use the TV. There are games coming, just not quickly enough. It doesn't help when so many ports are lined up though - I bought Injustice for the PS3, so won't get it for the Wii U, and Batman Arkham City was on PS+ a few months ago. The other issue is that the games in Game are £49.99 - who on Earth is going to pay that for them? If you saw that on the shelf, you probably wouldn't even research it - which can only hurt sales.
  • Mustapha S.
    Awaiting moderation? FFS, thats what happens when you post a sensible comment. Fox bummers, the lot of them
  • LancerVance
    Bitterwallet user agrees with other Bitterwallet user SHOCKER!!! My wife buys the full price titles in Game. Her pay though so 'whatever' as the young minimum wage male bitches in that shop say. I want a Vita but realistically i've not used my PSP enough to bother. The last time Game were shutting down I picked up just about every PSP game I wanted for £2-4 each and haven't played 50% of those yet. The portable games market is surely due to collapse, i've gone from spending £25 on a kids PSP or DS game to 69p on an app for them, both seem to get about the same amount of use so I can't see us ever buying a 3DS. I will get a Vita when I see one for £75 as i've 'downloaded' everything on PS+, I presume Sony are seeing this as a marketing strategy to shift consoles just as Nintendo had to begrudgingly accept (ie try to ban) that the R4 was driving their sales for a while.
  • LancerVance
    Copycat name taker in pleasant reply to post SHOCKER!!! Gonna change my name to Keith Cuntwin now to avoid confusion.
  • Keith C.
    see I told you
  • Shigeru M.
  • video g.
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