Arsenal Fans Get New Weapon - Technology

Now that even fusty old snooker has got with the 21st century and is providing spectators with earpieces that allow them to hear the same dreary commentary as armchair viewers, football is taking another step closer to the future.

Sony and Arsenal are trialling a new service where PSP-carrying fans at the game will be able to watch live, streaming action and selected replays of important match action from the Emirates Stadium on their PSP. Stats and other fancy wizardry could also be available.

Of course, you’ll look like a complete dick, but no worse than the writer who covered this story for the US version of Gizmodo. Quote – “Soon, loutish Englishmen with a penchant for portable gaming will watch replays on their PSP during Arsenal home games. Mainly to prove that Irishman down the aisle deserved to lose his teeth.”

Oh dear. Anyway, while Sony are pioneering this stuff, is there any chance they can kit out the refs with PSPs and instant replays? You know, so that they can stop completely fucking up so often.


  • Bob
    Thanks for swearing again! Idiot.
  • Stefan
    I wish you'd get off their backs about swearing. Does it matter a toss? No. Dont like it? Fuck off and read some other blog aye?
  • piracee
    i will agree if you dont like the swearing then dont read the site. But to be honest swearing quite often give the impression of lack of writing ability. Cant think of anything better to say...insert 'f**king'.
  • Mike
    quit bickering children, if youve got nothing stupid to say keep your trap shut
  • Jamie
    Swearing is both big and clever tho.
  • Amanda H.
    If that kid in the picture were mine, I'd break his little finger. I just don't like that kind of behaviour.
  • Liddle m.
    That writer for Gizmodo IS a dick, as you so thoughtfully put it. Where the hell did the English/Irish idea come from? Well I know where it came from, but lumping Arsenal, hooliganism and Anglo-Irish tensions together in one stupid stereotype...?
  • Tony
    So we're flicking through the deals on HUKD trying to find some decent football boots for the young lad. "What's that about Arsenal" he says, Arsenal fans get new technology ? Don't know I say, "let's have a look." Reading it together and it's an interesting article until............................................. Beating a hasty retreat from Bitterwallets whilst explaining to the lad it must be an adults only site and he's not to go on it in future unless I am with him. So I come back to read the final bit of the article and also take in the "members" comments below the main article. Turns out it's not an adult site at all ! More like a site for naughty school kids to type absolute rubbish and dirty words without getting told off. Shame ! Less !
  • Amanda H.
  • Louisa
    Tony, a lesson - never go on the net with your child if your child is a quicker reader than you are.
  • Republic B.
    arsenal isn't a swear, is it ?
  • Mike
    Yes, however I dont know how pharmacies get away with selling Anu$ol
  • MikeB
    Louisa: ROFL, you made my day.
  • Mike H.
    Tony, to be fair, if you take your lad to Arsenal games, he's bound to hear more than the word 'dick' he probably joins in with, verses of, "the referees a wanker, the referees a wanker..." or other such lyrically rich football related songs. Even if your lad watches his beloved Arsenal on TV, he's likely to see the odd player swearing at the referee or at on opposing player for messing their hair up, or getting mud on their poncy new boots, just like all upstanding idolised footballers do. Do you stop your lad watching football whenever they spit? I find that offensive.

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