Are Microsoft merging PCs and Xbox consoles?

Are Microsoft merging PCs and Xbox consoles?

Next week, we're going to hear from Microsoft, and their plans for the Xbox. The PS4 has out-sold the Xbox consistently, but there's something interesting afoot.

Microsoft have been looking at melding PC gaming with the Xbox One, and with the console being updated to work with Windows 10, we could end up seeing the two become one.

There's been a merging of Windows and Xbox app and games stores, and we know Microsoft have been working on a secret project called 'Helix'.

Looks like Microsoft will be giving gamers the chance to stream PC games to your Xbox One, which is all well and good if you have the console in the first place.

However, we've heard (rumours, admittedly) that there might be the chance to play Xbox One games on a PC, without the need for a console at all.

That could be a game-changer.

If Microsoft shunt the full Xbox One UI and system into a desktop version of Windows 10, and tweak it so you can play games with your keyboard (or indeed, just sell Xbox One joypads that you can plug into your USB port), they could see their sales rising dramatically.

By putting the Xbox One UI into Windows 10 machines, they would basically turn everyone's home computers and laptops into an Xbox One, with no need to spend money on an expensive console.

Next week, Microsoft are due to talk at E3, and if they drop that as a bombshell, then Sony might have something to worry about.

There's also talk of Microsoft announcing a slim version of the Xbox One console too, as well as a streaming device called 'Xbox TV'.

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