Are Game trying to mask the fact that they don't have Mass Effect 2? No, not Mass Effect 2, we mean Mass Effect 3 - it's so CONFUSING!!!

Here’s a crafty piece of merchandising in an unnamed branch of Game, as spotted by ardent Twitter user @TopTopUsername. As you may know, due to their current financial predicament, Game aren’t able to stock the wildly popular Mass Effect 3, but what’s this at number one in their instore chart? Why it’s Mass Effect 2!


The only problem is that you can’t tell that it’s Mass Effect 2, because the price sticker is covering the number 2. Never mind, we’re sure that no one would be duped into buying the inferior game in error. All well and good, nothing to see here, kindly move along…


  • Rb_
    You mean 'mass effect 3' in the title don't you. The box they're showing is of mass effect 2.
  • Boris
    This is confusing. Is it a competition to win mass effect 2 or mass effect 2?
  • rune
    even funnier that gamestation are advertising for a decent trade in price for Mass Effect 3. only way they'll actually get the game on their shelves after all!
  • g
    scummy tactics by a scummy chain. good riddance
  • tafkas
    I emailed you this on Friday, guess Twitter is the only way to get your attention these days :( sad times
  • Nick
    Thats the sticker placement for all games, not just for Mass Effect. In theory if it PreOwned version wasnt missing an online pass the 3rd 'No-DLC' sticker would have been missed and maybe free up some space.
  • A m.
    So mass effect 2 is the top selling game in Game then Nick?
  • Sicknote
    I really hope that they go bust very soon, they really are the Ryanair of the high street.
  • oliverreed
    Bullshit, not even thought out photoshopping - Syndicate is at number 2 - this is fairytale stuff!
  • Katsumitsu
    Hey...if all this crap with Game didn't happen, I wouldn't have gotten my hands on my Mass effect 3 collectors edition. So 3 cheers for Game, keep up the good work.
  • Dick
    The staff deserve to lose their jobs because of things like this.
  • Mike H.
    LOL, that's Mass Effect 1, isn't it?...
  • Sian
    I worked for game for a very long time. If they don't have a tittle they put a similar tittle in it's place. and thats the sticker placement for all game.s

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