Apple to go into virtual reality?

apple All the tech firms are looking giddily toward a world of virtual reality, and Apple are no different. There's rumours that they've got a secret team working on VR and augmented reality headsets, in a big to take on HTC Vive, Sony's efforts, and the Microsoft Hololens.

Of course, there's also Facebook's Oculus, so this is not a bunch of small-fry hobbyists making their way into this field. However, any involvement from Apple means that there's going to be increased interest in new technologies.

This follows Apple honcho Tim Cook, praising VR, saying that it is 'not niche' and does have 'some really interesting applications'. Like their other forays into wearable technology, such as the Apple Watch, it looks like the company are going to let everyone else go first to see what the take-up is like, and then, if there's interest, they'll swoop in with their own product.

There's a lot of money to be made in this field - Sony's PlayStation headset is going to cost around £300, which is more expensive than the console you'll be using it with. If people go crazy for VR and augmented reality, then the companies that get it right, or have a loyal fanbase, stand to coin it in!

This is the year when things are really going to hot up, and get pushed in this area, so don't be surprised if Apple start making a lot of noise about it soon.

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  • Scott B.
    So Apple are going to invent virtual reality then?

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