Anniversary PlayStation fetches huge cash at auction

Remember us telling you about the 20th anniversary PlayStation that Sony were putting out, which made us have a gigantic nerdgasm? Well, one has just been sold for a massive amount!

The special edition PS4 sold at auction for an eye-watering £85,000. Still, if we had that kind of money to burn, we may have spend stupid money on it too.


The limited edition console was numbered ‘1’ of the 12,300 that were made. For the thrifty, you could've bought around 270 normal PS4s for that amount of money.

As you can see, the anniversary PS4 was coloured in the same grey as the original PS1 and was generally lovely looking, for those of a nostalgic persuasion.

The auction was in aid of Save the Children Japan and, in a nice touch, Sony said they'd match the winning bid, which means the charity will be getting a bumper £170,000 in their account.

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