Angry Birds will be bigger than Tetris, probably Jesus too

15 February 2011

Bitterwallet - Angry BIrds Yesterday at the Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona, there was a keynote address from Peter Vesterbacka. That name will probably mean nothing to avid readers, but you'll be aware of the work he's involved in. Vesterbacka is the 'Mighty Eagle' at Rovio Mobile, creators of Angry Birds.

How big is Angry Birds, exactly? It's massive right now, but Rovio intend it to be as ubiquitous as Tetris.

Vesterbacka told the audience some factoids you probably won't know, about the game that is slowly becoming the world's greatest time vampire:

• Angry Birds was only released in December 2009, initially for the iPhone. Now available across several platforms, the game hit 75 million downloads over Christmas, and is expected to announce 'triple figures of millions' in the next few weeks

• Despite only going on sale before last Christmas, over a million Angry Bird toys have already been sold

• Vesterbacka plans for Angry Birds to be the new Super Mario Bros., with the game becoming 'an entertainment franchise'; the game will mimic Tetris in terms of global popularity, with the game being released across all platforms - mobile, desktop, web and console

• Rovio developed and published 51 games over a period of seven years before achieving overnight success with Angry Birds. They're the Pulp of app developers.


  • Phil
    It would have help if they hadn't messed up the Android release with the latest release - I now get a 'Yogi bear' movie trailer every 5 minutes while playing it. Way to destroy a product!
  • nonimaus
    @ Phil: Just turn off mobile data and you won't get any ads while you play. If you've got an app to quickly switch it off from your homescreen you barely notice the extra effort and you'll still be able to receive calls and texts.
  • The B.
    I love that Yogi bear trailer, it's the fact that they're abusing your download limits because they've put no checks in for Wifi connectivity, and Angry Birds, it for when you're really bored.
  • Spod
    @Phil - Root the phone and install Droidwall.
  • Brad
    Ive grown very bored of it now to be honest, over exposure never helps your case.
  • PokeHerPete
    Im with Brad. Don't get me wrong, I love Angry Birds but Im getting a bit bored of it now. Where as Doodle Jump on the otherhand is a overrated piece of shit. But then with the gang of inbred retards who support it in its comments (and other app comments infact) there is no suprise to its success.
  • greg
    as big as mario and tetris? keep fucking dreaming. i love the way that if u wan to make it bearable on Android, you have to fuck about by turning off data or rooting the phone. Jesus Christ Android is for cunts
  • Spod
    @Greg - Be quiet, fanboi. At least we don't have to pay for the shitty game.
  • CalNaughtonJR
    @PokeHerPete. I feel the same way about Doodle Jump. Angry Birds is a great game, the only other game to come close to it's awesomeness is Cut The Rope. At least it's worthy of the accolades and commercial success that is coming it's way.
  • John S.
    The only way angry birds will be bigger than Jesus is if someone stamps on Big Birds foot.
  • James D.
    @spod You dont need to root it anymore
  • Isreal G.
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