All hail the playable Angry Birds birthday cake!

Are you a dad? Reckon you’re a good one do you? Pushing your kids on the swings, turning up for school plays, giving piggy backs even when your sciatica is playing up? All that kind of thing? Yeah, not bad we suppose.

Here’s the news. You’re nothing. Your efforts are futile. The best dad in the world is almost certainly Mike Cooper from the Electric Pig website. Mike enjoys making elaborate, fun birthday cakes for his son Ben, and this year he got a bit carried away with it all.

In his latest attempt to delight young Ben, Mike made a fully-working Angry Birds cake, complete with a catapult and iced birds and pigs as per the obscenely popular game. Total assembly time was ten hours. Total destruction time was two minutes. We don’t know how good it tasted, which as far as we're concerned, is the most important thing.

Fancy a piece of the Angry Birds cake action? There’s a how-to guide over at Electric Pig.


  • yogi n.
    WTF iz dis real?!?
  • Dick
    The next day ... "Why aren't I allowed to catapult my food around the kitchen dad? You showed me how to do it yesterday."
  • harsh
    All that cake but no friends to share it with.
  • daniel
    is it just me or was that a bit ............................ well shit !

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