All hail... the Pacman burger!

12 October 2011

Yeah, so apparently it's been around for a while, but WE'VE never seen it before so shut your noise with all the 'Duh - is it 2007 again?' and all that bullshit. Okay? Thanks.



  • Darren
    Slow news day? Oh no, this is bitterwallet... that's everyday! lol
  • Andy D.
    Yet you keep coming back Darren? You daft twat! LOL!
  • Darren
    I truly have nothing better to do, and I have exhausted the rest of my list of useful/Interesting websites. Is another good one!
  • Dick
    WTF do they do to preserve it? 2007 again - yet the sell by is 01/01/11.

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