All hail the impotent, sweary rage of Call of Duty gamers!

People who play video games get a bad rep in the press, pictured as lonely, pasty blokes covered in crumbs and thinking everything they play is real. Of course, most gamers are perfectly ordinary and like to distract themselves from drudgery with a bit of mindless button bashing.

However, some gamers are despairingly sad. One such example is the people who populated the recent Call of Duty European Championships and someone filmed them as they played. The video below features NSFW language and young men taking a game so seriously that you'll be filled with a mixture of pity and contempt.

Incredible scenes there, while young men perform the worst trash-talking ever (for example: "You're so shit") and the kind of competitive dick-swinging that would embarrass a contestant from The Apprentice.


  • Paul C.
    Failed Army recruits. The lot of them. Wankers.
  • loooool
    omg that is just soooooo embarrassing. I had to stop the vid at 1:44 lol.
  • Mad H.
    @loooool - it's actually worth watching for a bit longer. One of the worst offenders is interviewed away from the game setting and is actually capable of stringing two, sometimes even three, words together. I almost fell of my chair in shock
  • R B.
    Gaming is for poofs anyway
  • Redeme
    Cunts... the lot of them.
  • noshit
    These are the kind of pricks who end up running the country. In between fingering each others rectums and 'gaming' ofc.
  • LancerVancer
    I see some football fans have moved on to new pastures. They need to flex wit da erb.
  • Phuck Y.
    I didn't think hiding away from civilization and wanking over pictures of Myley Cyrus could be that bad for you?

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