A spokesperson said GAME was unavailable for comment

"I suppose we should have gone through this checklist before the advert went live, but no harm checking now. So the pre-order page is live on the GAME website?"

"Yes, all done."

"And we definitely did the deal with Microsoft to feature the pop-up ad in MSN Messenger?"

"All signed off, boss, and the ad is live across tens of thousands of Messenger windows as we speak."

"Super duper. And we got permission to use images from the game?"

"Yep, nailed all that down. Crossed the i's, dotted the t's."

"And the game received positive reviews, and our designer added a quote from one such review to the ad? Before it went live, I mean?"



Bitterwallet - Splinter Cell
Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Oliver


  • Adam
    WTF Is dis real?
  • Mark
    "Deeply amused coomentt to go in this space." [Name]
  • Klingelton
    epic fail.
  • Kylé
    Hey Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan, Al, Al, Alan...
  • masklin
    ohh no it's Steve...... Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve!
  • Bobbyman
    No, no, no, you bloody idiots. It's: Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! ....... Dan! Dan!
  • Chris
    I don't get it.
  • wonky h.
    I bum foxes
  • Alexis
    Bit of a graphic ad without the mistake no??
  • (jah) w.
    The real lesson to be learned here is to use Pidgin http://pidgin.im/ instead of the official client. Then you won't have your screen infested with ads (whether they have copy-errors or not).

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