HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 16th December

hukd_logob1 With Christmas just hours away (admittedly quite a lot of hours) you’re probably desperately scrabbling around looking for something to buy for the kids. What we’re offering here isn’t much help to be honest.

You might like to try PlayPennies, our new website cousin from the HotUKDeals stable. It’s filled with child-skewed bargains galore and much less swearing than you get here. A delightful diversion.

558445Do the kids still dig the sight and sound of High School Musical or have things moved on? Do they still swoon and sigh at the antics of the films’ characters Zac, Chet, Elaine, Kramer, Mr Woo and Wall-E or are they all into Rage Against The Machine now?

We’re not entirely sure but we do know is that you can get a HSM bag and purse set for only £3.24, down from £12.99. If the kid in question turns up his/her/its nose at the thing just feign pig ignorance and give them a clip around the earhole.

558461Moving on to something for everyone – a gaming console. Namely, the Xbox 360 Arcade console, which can currently be had for a breathtakeawayingly cheap £109.99. That's even cheaper than a month in the Seychelles or laser eye surgery! Hmmm, possibly could have found a couple of better comparisons there.

Either way, if you've already got an Xbox, treat yourself to another one for if and when it breaks or you get banned from Live for fannying about in the dark arts.

557939Finally, if your kid isn't impressed with an Xbox 360 or a High School Musical bag and purse set, you should probably send them to bed early with no supper. Better still, humiliate them by making them kip in a child's cot bed.

There's a Mamas And Papas one that is £69.00, down from £139.00. It's got bars but it's not a full kiddie prison. For that, you'd need to put a piece of hardboard across the top. Not that we'd condone that kind of thing. Especially as we're on a final warning from Childline.

(deals found by HUKD members Carley, olgun and magicbeans)

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