HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 22nd April

Now that we’ve had it confirmed that we’re in the fiscal mire up to our earlobes, it’s time for our daily look at the stuff you can’t afford anymore, even though it’s cheaper than it should be.

More of the same at HotUKDeals from whence this lot came.

First up, a massive bargain, if indeed it is a deal and not just a misprice. It’s an Xbox 360 Elite Console (120 GB Hard Drive) and is currently selling at just £70.98!

If you missed out on the £70.98 Xbox, you probably feel like smashing some stuff up. Why not get yourself a sturdy hammer to help you do the job? Here’s one that’s should fit the bill, and all for just £1.95.

It’s a forge steel hickory handle claw hammer, weighing 20oz. You can express your rage by smashing up the telly you would have played the Xbox games on and then claw the stuffing out of the sofa where you would have sat like a zombie for hours on end while playing them.

Next, for even more than you would have shelled out for that fantastic Xbox 360, you can get a slightly less orgasmic Acer Aspire One A110L laptop. Still a snip at £137.74 though.

Don’t fret little one, you can play games on this too. Solitaire, online Hangman, Space Invaders, that sort of thing. Go on, it’ll be great. Just as good, if not better as that Xbox you missed out on. Why are you crying?

Now that you’ve not got one, your mind is probably wandering, as you wonder what people used to do for entertainment before the Xbox and other fantastic games consoles were invented. Well, research has shown that they used to watch Starsky and Hutch. All... the... time.

Luckily, you’re now able to recreate that feeling with a DVD box set containing all four series of the show. You’ll have to watch them on your little Acer laptop seeing as how you smashed up your telly with that hammer, but that’s okay. The box set will only set you back £17.95 so you’ve saved some of the cash you would have splurged on the Xbox. What… what are you doing with that hammer? No.. NOOOO!!!!

(deals found by Durzel, Lewie, apep and steveilevi)


  • dickie s.
    Andy ham shandy, you missed out the Xbox 360 Elite for £70.98 + Free Delivery @ Amazon Which the kunts at amazon just wiped off the order system as if it never happened !!! :(
  • Paul N.
    It's the one crossed out above! Andy even did a whole post on it but it was too late :)
  • Schexy S.
    Laptop expired
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