Your entire DVD collection will arrive from the fifth dimension

It sounds like utter nonsense spouted by boffins to keep the fat grants rolling in; researchers have created a DVD-style disc that stores information in five dimensions, that could increase storage by 10,000 times. It's one more step towards encapsulating the entire experience of humanity on a multi-region DVD to sell in the 4 for £20 offer at HMV.

The brains at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia say the multi-dimensional technique they've achieved allows a single normal-sized disc to store 1.6 terrabytes of data, and that within ten years that figures could reach 10 TB. Just one terrabyte is enough storage to 300 movies, so this sort of technology would transform database archiving.

The science involves nanoparticles, nanorods and plasmons, which all sound like a lot of billy bullshitters talking, but is apparently genuine parlance. In layman's terms, they've used the three standard spatial dimensions but created additional dimensions to layer data on top without creating interference - a spectral as well as a polarisation dimension - so information can be recorded at different colour wavelengths and different polaristations, over and over the same spot.




  • Matt S.
    That's not really 5 dimensions it's pretty much just multiplexing. and think how much they'd love getting to sell you your DRM protected 300 movies again everytime to scratched the f*cker
  • Bullet
    Bluray vs Future DVD...Fight!
  • The E.
    gosh...but still on a standard sized dvd ? what happened to putting all this and more on a micro mini tiny minute miniscule sd card usb 5.78 version xxpp macless vista blista chromed firefox mozilla godzilla king kong ???????
  • Tom P.
    This sounds good. I can get all my extensive porn collection onto one disk, so won't have to switch between countless external hard drives.
  • Read this story a few days ago at the register... and the boffins have yet to come up with a way to actually get the data on the disc fast enough to be practical. What would be the point in having a 1.6TB disc if it took 2 days to write to it, lol
  • Zleet
    The film companies trying out 3d and now the prospect of super high capacity discs alongside even higher resolution gigantic TV's. At some point in the future these will all combine to produce photo realistic 3d hyper porn. You sit down to enjoy that copy of Forrest Hump on your 200" super HDTV to be suddenly assaulted by a three foot wang jabbing at you in 3d. Shock alone will probably send most of the adult population into catatonic states with their minds unable to process the horror. And thus the world ends not with a bang or a whimper but with a gurning sex face.
  • Ten B.
    [...] DVD with 10,000 times more storage than at present? Total bollocks? Who knows – we believe anything scientists tell us. Especially [...]

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