Young man learns how to play Angry Birds

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – today’s youngling is totally down with the modern gadgetry and technology. Last week we brought you the kiddie that thought a magazine was an iPad, and now here’s another one of the tomorrow adults getting to grips with how Angry Birds works.

He picks it up straight away doesn’t he? Cool as a cucumber.


  • Steve O.
    What a fucking horrible sound that monster makes. Can we burn it yet?
  • The B.
    Slow news week?
  • Darren
    @The Real Bob I would be shocked if it wasn't, one day we will get a full day of interesting news. this would have been remotely interesting if the kid had done it himself, but all it is, is a kid watching a screen that his parent is playing what looks like a very early level of an old game. zzzzzz this might have been news when Angry Birds came out....
  • Andy D.
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  • heywood j.
    There's a girl in our office block has one leg shorter than the other and wears a stepped shoe on the wonky one. My inside tip is that she got it all on the NHS, paid for by us the taxpayer. I just thought i'd offer first dibs on this story before someone sells it to the daily mail
  • Hey W.
    @heywood jablome - if she doesn't wear her taxpayer subsidised shoe does she just spend all day walking in circles? Now THAT'S a story!
  • The B.
    I hear voices, I'm not allowed to repeat what they say though.
  • The V.
  • heywood j.
    Would the fact that her name is "eilean" add to the story ?
  • heywwod j.
    "come on eilean" had a different meaning after the last works christmas night out I'm ashamed to say.
  • The v.
    Hmmm, that fox has a nice arse........
  • Mr M.
    Can you please just stop with the kids playing on Ipad (Other tablets are available) stories. The are just crap! Enough said.
  • Wonky H.
    yiff yiff
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?

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