Win shiny gadgets in Bitterwallet's 2nd Birthday competition!

The Bitterwallet team, yesterday

Guess what, avid reader? It's Bitterwallet's second birthday! Hooray! We spent last night pouring tequila in our eyes and mashing jelly in our mouths with our fists, while paying the Chuckle Brothers to wank off a bull in the next room. Everyone had a great time, especially the bull, and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

But what about you, dear reader? Why weren't you invited?

Well, we didn't think of inviting you until quite late on, about the time Mof stripped to the waist and started his second half of Skol. But this morning we realised our mistake, which is why we'd like to offer you the chance to win a mighty fine prize in our birthday competition!

What's on offer?

There are three prizes to choose from; the reader who is placed first gets to pick from any of the three, second place chooses from the remaining two, and third prize gets whatever's left. And we can already guess what that might be. The three prizes are:

a 32GB iPod Touch

a Kindle 3G

a Next tablet PC

You'll grow to love that tablet, we're sure. Alternatively, just don't come third.

How can I win one of these fabulous prizes?

Dead easy. All you have to do is design a birthday card for Bitterwallet. That's it. Some of you may be expert Photoshop fiends, but we're also looking for original ideas and creativity that will blow our skulls clean off our spines. How hard can it be? Cards will be displayed on Bitterwallet, and the team will pick their favourite three. Boom.

You've got until 5pm next Tuesday (12th October) to send your birthday card design to [email protected] Best of luck! And don't come third. As always, fans of official small print – your luck's in:

  • The competition ends on Tuesday 12th October 2010 at 5pm GMT
  • Open to UK residents only
  • One person per household may enter
  • The prize will be dispatched to the winner within fourteen working days of Bitterwallet receiving it from Amazon
  • Bitterwallet cannot determine nor guarantee delivery time of prize, nor its compatibility or available features in any given country
  • Bitterwallet’s decision regarding the three winners is final and no correspondence will be entered into


  • jo
    yay, happy birthday BW! ooo a competition for us creative types im an art student and rarely get to use my skills. Definately gonna enter good luck everyone x
  • jo
    ps. sucks for 3rd place getting the next tablet...
  • Phil
    Silly question, but how are you going to buy the Next tablet from Amazon? I'd be crushingly disapointed if you substituted it for another product that, you know, works
  • Delenn
    Surely third pick should be for the artwork voted worst. I might stand a chance of winning that. Actually, leave it how it is.
  • singhster
    Is it the new version of Ipod Touch with camera and everything? I need to know how much effort to put in.
  • Justin
    > Open to UK residents only > Bitterwallet cannot determine nor guarantee delivery time of prize, nor its compatibility or available features in any given country huh? Does that mean WiFi/3G in Scotland is really bad?
  • the f.
    How many fox themed cards will be made I wonder
  • jo
    or apple themed cards?
  • Paul C.
    Or chicken-in-a-can themed?
  • ButterMan
    I'll give you £100 via PayPal for the iPod touch. My indian freelancer will drop my half-assed card in later today.
  • the f.
    Or fox-in-a-apple-branded can?
  • Andy D.
    why can't i post?
  • ButterMan
    Not sure, try again?
  • Andy D.
    I think the bitterwallet gestapo are monitoring me...
  • Rich
    Dont bother entering people...Jim is already fixing it for me to win 3rd place :)
  • Steve J.
    Mof, thanks again for the blowie, hope you enjoy the ipod.
  • Paul S.
    Yes, the iPod Touch has the camera and other nonsense.
  • Nick T.
    What about a chicken in a can as first prize?
  • christy
    I may give it ago but if I win 3rd prize can I donate it to someone I want to have a nervous breakdown?
  • PaulH
    I'll enter but I fear that some dam hipster with graphical abilities will claim 1st prize...
  • Sushruta
    I seriously want to come at the last place. :D .Thanks for the opportunity BitterWallet. :)
  • PokeHerPete
    Nice one BitterWallet, I may just enter! On a side note, I still haven't received my Kindle from winning the last competition.
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  • Brad
    I actually want the Next Tablet as well over them Kindle I3G Touch shit.
  • zeddy
    Happy :) Birthday Right, send the prizes to my address now.
  • Cara
    I would like first prize ipod touch - fingers crossed!!
  • adam k.
    Sent! :D Fingers crossed, ive never won any competitions online
  • Win B.
    [...] can find out more about the competition and the rules by reading this post here, and you can see the entries sent so far by visiting our Flickr page. Essentially, all we want you [...]
  • Darren
    Sent My Entry! ENJOY :)
  • Japanese B.
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  • Bitterwallet’s B.
    [...] it too late for us to change the rules of our competition so that we just get readers to send in pictures of themselves wearing home-made versions of these? [...]
  • Sushruta
    Happy Birthday BW.Sent my entry.Crossing fingers. :)
  • Hurry B.
    [...] heard of, like JPEG or PNG, and get your entries in by 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday night). You’ll find some small print here if you can be bothered to read it, otherwise enjoy this delightful entry from Mark Walker – [...]
  • Jack
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I missed it. Give us until Wednesday evening please :D :D
  • Steve
    I've missed it as well... :P Ah well, I still love the latest post about the no-touch soap disenser...epic!
  • AK
    When does the winner get announced?
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