Will Apple bite back with $800 laptop?

Alright, so it may be nothing more than rumour. But it's a good rumour, one to call up the dancing girls and throw a party for. If you love Apple macs, that is. If you don't, call up the dancing girls anyway. We're in a recession and you look sad.

Next Tuesday, Apple will be holding one of their regular showcases to present new products to the world. Sometimes they don't live up to the hype - a tweaked iPod Nano, a new playlist feature - but this could be the real deal.

Looking to come up fighting in a recession, Apple are rumoured by sources across the net to be releasing a new model of laptop for $800 - $300 less than the current entry level MacBook.

A mini-mac for less than £500? Get that black polo neck steam-cleaned, Jobs. This one is going to be special.


  • Vinay
    Sounds like a great news to me. I was thinking of moving to Mac Community after being with Windows for a very long time. Few of my friends suggested me to wait until 14th of October when Steve announces new product lines and also reduces the mac prices. Can't wait for it! Thanks for the tip Paul! Cheers!
  • ASUS B.
    [...] it was some sixth sense, but in the same week Apple prepares to launch a new assault on the computer market, ASUS has announced their new touchscreen PC is available on pre-order. [...]

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