Which Beauty And The Beast is the best Beauty And The Beast?

Help us. We're wrestling with a dilemma. Like almost everyone, we're itching for Disney's Beauty And The Beast to come out on DVD and Blu-ray in a couple of weeks' time. We're planning to order it from Amazon but we don't know what to get.

Should we get the 3-disc Blu-ray + DVD version of it for £15.91...


...or do we fork out an extra 2p for reasons that we can't really fathom and shell out £15.93 for the 3-disc DVD + Blu-ray version instead?


What the hell do we do now???

thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Joel


  • mein c.
    I like how the botheres to do different boxart for the two versions. Also don't buy either of them, get Sword in the Stone.
  • Darren
    the silver one is the DVD style box. whereas the blue one is the Blue Ray style box. now that was not so hard was it. Is Dis 4 Real? Slow News Day?
  • mein c.
    Still, Sword in the Stone.
  • marky m.
    Grow up and watch Harry Brown instead (on Blu-ray).
  • Urgh
    Hurrah for worthwhile output!
  • Zzzzzzz
    Slow news day or what. Quite simple really... The DVD box is slightly bigger so costs more to produce than the smaller version. Point behind what they are doing is allowing people to slowly swap their DVD collection to Blu ray so dvd version matches the size of their existing collection
  • kev
    only one way to settle this........ FIGHT!!!!!
  • Nobby
    Well REAL fans would have ordered both. It worked with the 83 different versions of packaging for Lord of the Rings.
  • Peter G.
    Joel Espinoza and bitterwallet are both as retarded as each other
  • Ed L.
    This was very rare for a while, my brother sold his for £85 on ebay last year!
  • Cy B.
    Wot! No digital download with either?
  • Franck D.
    The dog dies at the end.

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