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KindleThere's a reasonable chance you all received a Kindle for Christmas, you lucky people. It's what Jesus would want, after all. Amazon's third generation ebook reader became the store's most popular product of all time, beating Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into a cocked hat.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple's iPad and other tablet PCs aren't proving much of a threat to the Kindle - there's room for both to peacefully co-exist: "We're seeing that many of the people who are buying Kindles also own an LCD tablet," said a statement from Bezos. "Customers report using their LCD tablets for games, movies and Web browsing, and their Kindles for reading sessions."

So if you have a shiny new Kindle to stuff to the rim with words, where can you find some for free? There are plenty of free Kindle ebooks available, especially where the work is no longer in copyright:

Amazon - the Kindle bestsellers list on Amazon reveals a long list of free Kindle ebooks to download, but you'll find a handful of modern novels in there too.

Project Gutenberg has over 33,000 e-books that can be downloaded to your PC and transferred to your Kindle - for free. All books are genuine publications, digitised by a team of volunteers - the top 100 books are here, or you can browse the entire catalogue here.

Google - any free ebooks you can't find through Amazon or Project Gutenberg, you may unearth through Google's ebookstore. There are some restrictions for users outside the US, but these only apply to purchases, so fill your boots.


  • zeddy
    Sod that! I want a free Kindle.
  • ringo
    load of rubbish , never uae my kindle as the books are cheaper in the bookshops and the free books are free because no one wants them , kindle is great if all you read is the thriller writers , which means you spend £ 11.11 just to read the odd thriler book is a waste of money. The so called thousandsof free books dont exist you get redirect from one free website to another so they get hits for their adverts eventualy you end up on a website where the books are not free. kindle is a total waste of money if you read a lot of books . Kindle is good if you dont read a lot of books . You can buy cheap books at car boot sales charity shops etc. you can even get a book from a libary. So my kindle just sits in a cupboard , i wasted my money on this over hyped rubbish gadget.
  • Kaloki
    I have hundreds of free books on my kindle, I don't know which order to read them in! It's a wonderful device, especially if you love reading the literary greats. Thankyou for the article, it hadn't even occured to me to look on the Gutenberg Press! Though it is also now your fault I have a reading list that I may never finish!
  • roy
    Hi I recently purchased a Kindle and for me it is a wonderful invention as my eyesight is now very poor and being able to increase the font size is just great,also my hands are numb and I have not been able to turn the pages easily and again this device has overcome this problem and when I fall asleep it turns off and remembers which page for next time, all this and I still begin to try to turn the page it is so realistic, wonderful for me Roy
  • 5.antiago
    "Free books are free because no one wants them" "Kindle is good if you don't read a lot of books" Genius, sheer genius... The reason why you keep your Kindle in a cupboard is not because it's "over-hyped rubbish" but actually because you're an idiot
  • Not s.
    Hi I got a kindle for my birthday and i want to know where I find the free books on the actual kindle not on the amazon website. Its so confusing! It doesnt say on the user guide and google isnt much help either! Please can you help me! Thanks
  • Paul N.
    @Not saying - You can browse the Amazon best seller list on the Kindle directly but for other sources like Gutenberg you'll need to use your web browser to download the file and then email it to your kindle.
  • Free K.
    @Not saying/@Paul Nikkel. The Kindle doesn't come with books installed. It also works best if you connect it up to an Amazon account. Then you can browse the free books on Amazon (on either your Kindle or a computer) and 'buy' them and Amazon will send them to your Kindle (either over wifi or the 3g connection). You can browse the Amazon store by going to menu and choosing store (note the Kindle needs to be connected to the internet for this to work). For other sources of free books, by far the easiest option is to download the books, load them into Calibre and then get Calibre to convert/install them onto your Kindle. Amazon's email conversion is OK but some formats (including ePub - a popular ebook format) are either not supported or not very well supported. Note it'll need to be connected to your computer using the cable that came with your Kindle. Finally, if you are based in a non-US country - you can take advantage of differing copyright laws. George Orwell's books for example are free for Australians to download from Gutenberg.net.au but not Gutenberg.org. The internet archive - archive.org - often contains both Google's free books and Gutenberg's - as well as other sources. Well worth a look.
  • fish s.
    bought a kindle 3 months ago as i work away and read loads mainly a passion but also a time killer totally disagree with idiots knocking the kindle,alongside my computer and mp4 its the best purchase i have made.no more the tons of books to cart around or to sit collecting dust ample free books but people who cant find them are doing something wrong!!!come on its not rocket science!nothing but praise
  • Charles P.
    Clearly Ringo never spends 24 hours on a plane flight, days in hospital or long days lounging in park on a summer's day. One slim Kindle with 50+ books and it goes where I go. Great for taking technical publications and in house documents for reading on plane flights. I would never be without it. Plenty of free classical books about.
  • Tyler
    @5.antiago: In my experience there are some great free Kindle books, they are not free because no-one wants them. Rather Amazon allows authors to offer the books free for a few days every month and they use this as a marketing tool. If you want a curated service try Freebooksy (www.freebooksy.com). They posts free books for Kindle everyday. They are usually not on the Kindle bestseller list.
  • Carole A.
    Whatever anyone else says, I love my kindle. How else can I carry around 3,500 books? I travel a lot and I now have as many books as I need - in my pocket! When one travels abroad and to non-english speaking countries, getting books in English is rather time-consuming and expensive. With the kindle, it's a cinch. I would ask that those of you who reside in the US remember that there are places where English is not the mother tongue.
  • Maxy
    Some of you need to search for free books properly. I found a fantastic website that I can't remember the name of that lists ALL of the books available for free on Amazon. Each month some books and even book collections are free either for a day or few days. It's up to us to find them. I have over 3,000 books that I have downloaded from Amazon for free. And no they are not old books that no one wants to read. Some have been best sellers in the past few years. Just do some searching and you will find them. Good luck! :-)

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