What's really, really great and totally amazing about Apple is...

If you thought the last Apple keynote lacked substance, you were right. Not just because of the limited improvements to existing product lines and the failure to launch market-leading hardware, but because it seems not one of the stage presenters had a vocabulary developed beyond that of a seven year-old girl from Kansas:



  • Lumoruk
    I advise everyone to sell their shares in Apple, that includes your stake too Andy (Paul)
  • Gunn
    Ha brilliant, great and wonderful. That truly was reading between the lines.
  • Nobby
    Incredibly nice story.
  • Apple B.
    [...] The hopes of millions of gibbering Apple fanboys were dashed last month when their beloved but not-actually-real-yet tablet contraption completely failed to appear at the latest Apple rally. Instead some nerds spoke to a rapt audience as though they were children. [...]

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