Waterstones to stock Kindles and e-books in their stores

The high street book store and the weird, twisted ‘cyber world’ are set to melt together and forge a highly sexual partnership, creating something that can only be imagined in the imagination of the human mind. Or at least that’s what we heard a bloke say on the bus this morning on our way in.

He’d obviously heard the big news that Waterstone are linking up with Amazon and are embracing the e-reading revolution. They’ll soon be selling the Kindle in their stores as well as Kindle e-books. It’s a move that will be a major kick in the teeth for the Kobo device, which has been gaining ground through its presence in branches of WHSmith.

The addition of the Kindle and Kindle books to Waterstones will be part of an exciting overhaul of the stores throughout the rest of the year, with the promise of other stuff like dedicated digital areas, free wi-fi access, new coffee shops and wind tunnels all coming soon. Except perhaps for the wind tunnels.

The big boss man at Waterstones, James Daunt wants to speak to you about it all in this video. Be warned, he’s a very handsome man.


  • Mike H.
    Yeah, becasue it's a fucking great idea to sell eReaders in a fucking book shop. A bit like selling products to help you quit smoking in a fucking tobaconists! Fucking cretins.
  • The B.
    They sell e-cigs in tobacconists, which is kinda the same thing.
  • Zleet
    Free ebook version code (or very large discount) with qualifying hardbacks would probably be a better idea. I love my Kindle but don't like the fact i'm not actually buying 'the book' just a non transferable digital copy. It encourages piracy when there is nothing to sell on as people see it as not being really worth anything so why pay.
  • Stu_
    They have been selling ebooks and ereaders for years? They had the Sony one which appeared on HUKD a couple of years back :S
  • Richard M.
    Mike, Did you mean to say:- Yeah, because it’s a great idea to sell eReaders in a book shop. A bit like selling products to help you quit smoking in a tobacconists! (You see, just as funny but without the 4 expletives.)
  • Richard M.
    By "just as funny" I clearly mean "not at all funny".
  • Dick
    So I can go into town to download an ebook from a Waterstones shop that I could have downloaded from Amazon for less money?
  • Mike H.
    Hey Rich, I love you.
  • Mike H.
    By "I love you" I clearly mean "you are a complete and utter total fucking twat!" Just with the expletives.
  • Jo
    Rich... Mike... play nice. Firstly, there is fuck all wrong with expletives, just long as they are used prudently, and with a degree of finesse and forethought. No word deserves to be abused, after all. Secondly, I personally feel that e-Reader devices should not be discredited or denigrated. Fear not, fellow book lovers; for as long as we love and revere the traditional printed book it will live on. However, if the likes of the Kindle can encourage a generation to indulge in literature then this surely cannot be a bad thing? Although the format of the written word may evolve slightly as the world changes, does not its true value lie in the simple reading of it?

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