Watch out. Quite literally.

17 September 2014

apple watch The new Apple Watch may cause more accidents.

Motorists have been warned that using the fancy new gadget while driving could be a bit daft.

While Smart watches can issue regular updates from internet services, apps and the user's mobile phone, but the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is urging people to turn them off while at the wheel.

The IAM said: "The latest piece of wearable technology from Apple will allow users to make and receive calls, check their messages and monitor their health by operating the device on their wrists. However, the IAM warns that this could significantly impair driving performance - being a major cause for distraction and road accidents."

If they die in a car crash, at least their watch will tell them which level of fatal their injuries are, which could be interesting when drawing your final breath.

The Apple Watch isn't due in the UK until 2015, so this advice is more a forewarning.

Past research from the organisation has suggested mobile phones were a contributing factor in nearly 2,000 serious accidents between 2006 and 2010, including 110 fatal crashes.

"Constant alerts will require motorists' regular attention," the IAM's statement continues. "As opposed to using a legal hands-free piece of equipment the Apple Watch will require drivers to use two hands to operate the device - impacting speed, lane position and time spent looking at the road."

The Government have said that using your watch while driving will carry the same penalty as using your mobile at the wheel. That gets you three penalty points and a £100 fine.


  • Alexis
    But the watch links with your iPhone, which links with the hands free. Surely more danger applies to eating a packet of Quavers?
  • Her L.
  • The S.
    @Alexis Try telling that to the relations of the 110 people who were killed. Oh sorry it's made by Apple so it must be safe.
  • Alexis
    Tell them what? That the Apple Watch should be used as intended when driving - with a hands free iPhone? Yes I'd tell them that, as that is what I said.

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