Want to tell Best Buy what you want? Now you can!

Best Buy are on their way to shake up the UK's electrical retail industry, taking the fight to the doors of DSGi and John Lewis. They're recruiting staff, their stores are being built and soon there'll be more big bargains and outraged customers. Or will there?

Imagine a retail giant that listens to what you want from them. It might just be that all they do is fob you off with pleasantries, but it's an alien concept nevertheless. See, they've decided to embrace customer service and have opened a Get Satisfaction account - the online service that allows companies to seek and act upon feedback direct from their customers:

Bitterwallet - Best Buy on Get Satisfaction

The site claims to be managed by Best Buy staff, so it's up to you - it's your job to put Best Buy to the test. What would you like to see Best Buy do differently when they open their doors later this year? Whatever you want from a new electrical retailer, tell them. They'll probably stick their fingers in their ears and whistle, rendering the whole exercise completely pointless, but let's see if Best Buy are prepared to walk the walk. Avid Bitterwallet reader Nathan has started the ball rolling, so get stuck in.


  • Phil
    The hedge end store is coming along nicely now! Can't be long until launch!
  • arrrrrrrr...
    Best Buy may sound good initially, but just type 'Best Buy scam' into your favourite search engine and they make DSG seems like saints. Will wait and see...
  • Wibble
    Sadly if you've been into a Best Buy store in the US or Canada, you will know it's just like Currys or PC World, only a but more yellow. Still full of spotty wankers who don't know which hole to shit out of following you around like vultures or sharks. Still full of stuff that's cheaper everywhere else.
  • Mark M.
    I can't understand the hype. I went primarily to look at stuff before going and buying it elsewhere, cheaper. Target & Walmart had better deals and didn't sell grossly overpriced leads. Ah well...
  • Tom
    Wibble, sounds like your a spotty wanker. Grow up.
  • Nobby
    So has anyone said "Charge what internet stores charge for your goods."
  • Mark M.
    @Nobby Best Buy were accused of being a bit naughty in that respect as their in store wifi, or terminals (I can't remember which, redirected customers to a slightly "different" site where the prices were inflated to match the store price. I can't remember where I read it though.
  • myiphoneisbroken
    @ Mark M (kind of) I remember HMV has terminals that originally could access the HMV website. After about a week they took it off so you couldn't access it any more, probably as people resented paying double instore!
  • PFC H.
    @Tom Wibble made a perfectly valid point
  • Tom
    PFC Hudson: Bigger companies = bigger savings for us. I shop around, so won't go into Best Buy with my salary and splash out. I just dont like seeing people who work in electronic stores ripped to shreds. Not all of us are spotty wankers, some of us take pride in our work. And its normally guys like Wibble who demand the earth everytime he flashes his wallet.
  • Tom
    PS, If anyone wants to buy a copy of Norton, come to Staines and ask for Tom.
  • PFC H.
    How about I speak as someone who's been both sides of a Dixons counter. I worked for 9 months back in 2001 in my local Dicons store (I was 27 at the time and it was a stop gap job). Aside from the Deputy and Manager I was the eldest salesman by far, at least 6 years. Almost all of the other salesmen WERE spotty wankers, students at Portsmouth Uni who only worked at Dixons to pay their way through Uni. They were obsessed with commission and sold to gain the most commission and NOT what product most suited the customer's needs. Only two of the sales staff actually seemed to know about the things we sold, the rest were clueless. One lad used to sell nothing but laptops because he knew they had high commission on laptop and the accessories. He'd often lie to customers about the abilities of the laptop so secure a sale and many was the time the poor assistant manager had to apologise to customers a day or so later when they bought the laptop back because it didn't do all Dan had told them it did. As for Wibble's other comment about prices, he was also correct as very seldom will you find something cheaper in Currys or PC World when compared to other stores.
  • Wibble
    @ Tom: Quite clearly you are a spotty wanker from PC World. Big comission on Norton is there?
  • Wibble
    and you probably have BO. It seems to be compulsory if you work there.
  • Honest S.
    Hope you folks are aware, Best buy are poaching staff from DSGI as we speak ;o)
  • yeah
    to best buy: pay your staff more than 6.05 per hour, have proper training and not just something resembling FIVES that just tells you how to be a robot with customers, AND, don't have commission. if the sales people are well paid to start with, they will help the customers get exactly what they want, if you offer CABS, commission and bonus based on specific products, you'll be no better than DSG
  • TechGuy
    Bored. How did a post about Best Buy end up being a slagging match of PC World / Curry's again? Jesus gys seriously, you all need to stop trolling. Its pretty simple, not all of the staff are spotty wankers, in ANY store in ANY company. Some are, some aren't. Some girls are pretty fine looking but know shit about products, whereas some girls are pretty fine and have a degree in marketing and business analysis. Some jobs are stop gaps, whereas in our current market situation depending on where you are located, the job we have are the only jobs available. You bang on about Norton being crap. I like this one, cos you're full of shite. I've personally tested every product on the shelves in Curry's / PC World and the new Norton engine is faster, lighter and detects more issues than all the others including Panda, Avast, AVG, Sena, McAfee, Kaspersky etc. So what if the company at the same time happens to make a bit of money selling it. Isn't that the friggin point? I happen to be bloody good at my job as a tech for DSGi and am proud to get boat loads of recommendations and emails from customers on a daily basis. Just because there are no other jobs available in the local area does not mean i'm exaggerating about my skills or abilities. So reading comments from customers that do nothing but complain that when we don't barter away price from the damned tag that's plastered all over the product like they're in some middle eastern street stall full of stolen goods. It pisses me off. If Best Buy offers me more money, i'll take it. If filling shelves in Tesco's offers me more money, I'll take it. Ta tah.

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