Voices in your head? No, it's only the new iPod Shuffle

Yes, it's true; Apple themselves are going to start crawling into your mind space. The new iPod Shuffle has been announced, and this one talks to you.

There's a brand new feature called VoiceOver that tells you information about what you're listening to. You can press a button on the Shuffle while listening, and you'll be told the track and artist name without interrupting the music.

According to the blurb, this new feature also means for the first time ever on an iPod shuffle you can have multiple playlists, because VoiceOver announces their names too.

What does the voice sound like? Dry, male, American, stunted. In a word - Hal. So you'll have a demonic computer talking inside your mind, and we all know how that turned out last time.


  • Paul N.
    The voice is generated using the text to voice on your computer so it will depend on your default computer voices I believe.
  • chrisg.
    Hmmm.. proprietary headphones. Great. :(
  • acecatcher o.
    how many songs can a shuffle hold now? i think they r too small, id just lose it.
  • Snoobie
    "If you sync with a PC it sounds like a girl!"
  • Snoobie
    It can hold 1,000 songs - 4gb
  • acecatcher o.
  • jaysexy212005
    It's getting smaller and smaller.
  • agaveworm
    Perhaps subliminal messages might convince me that I don't hate iPods!!
  • Darren W.
    kind of limits you to the choice of headphones... all 2 choices.
  • Scott C.
    Am I missing something here - why would the headphones be "proprietary" or limit your choice? The voice being played is not dependant upon specific headphones!
  • Lenard
    I'm just waiting for the natural conclusion to this sequence of ever-shrinking iPods: the iMplant - a memory chip wired straight into your neo-cortex that you download songs onto via wifi. It's coming. Soon.
  • iain
    The headphones are proprietary because the controls are on the cable.
  • The C.
    Lenard's right

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