Virgin Media gets London Underground wi-fi contract

stupid wi-fi metaphor Blessed, beautiful wi-fi is finally coming to the London Underground, and you needn’t have any fears about the quality of service, as the contract to provide it has been won by…. Virgin Media!

Yes, that’s the same Virgin Media who regularly feature in the upper echelons of our Worst Company Of The Year polls for a myriad of reasons, but we’re sure that this project will run smoothly and we know that you’ll join us in congratulating them.

Virgin Media have said that 80 tube stations will have wi-fi by the summer, with that figure rising to 120 by the end of the year. Initially it will be free, to cover the period of the Olympics and Paralympics, but after that it will become a pay-as-you-go service. We don’t envisage there being any problems there. Oh no.

Also, the wi-fi will only cover ticket offices, escalators and platforms, with no availability in the Underground’s network of dark, spooky, stinking tunnels. Virgin Media's director of wireless Kevin Baughan told the BBC: “Every wi-fi station you pass through is going to give you the chance to stay connected, by quickly updating Facebook, Twitter, email and the like”. It all sounds FABULOUS.


  • Richard
    If you seamlessly connected to wifi then this would be good but no doubt you'll have to go through a landing page to connect. By the time you've made it onto the network you'll have left the station :-P
  • Phil76
    If they can get it working on the platforms at least you'll have something else to avoid having to make eye contact with other people.
  • bushbrother
    Hmmm so I can see it now, several hundred people on the platforms all struggling to grab their chunk of the bandwidth on the ADSL line serving the access point, probably running at some shitty 3-4Mbps.
  • Ben
    @bushbrother At the time Virgin suggested that its free service would deliver broadband download speeds of 0.5Mbps (512Kbps), which would be complimented by a premium (paid) service that delivered speeds of up to 10Mbps. Sadly Virgin’s service will only be free for the summer period (from July 2012) and after that it will be made available as part of their broadband and mobile subscriptions.
  • Jack T.
    What a pointless exercise. Such a wasted opportunity to do something useful to improve the Tube.
  • Bazinga
  • Mienaikage
    I wonder how many passengers will have enabled SSL before connecting to these networks...
  • corbyboy
    I suppose people need to do something in the 90 seconds between trains.
  • ih8moaners
    All people seem to do on here is whinge and moan, need we remind all that this is essentially a FREE service (for the olympics) that you are all moaning about. Get a grip and be happy boris johnson finally catching up with europe having wifi at tubestations. What next, 4G a couple years behind everyone else? Seriously everyone needs to stop moaning about, lets face it, trivial and unimportant things
  • Boris
    Bloody typical. I give you the heads up yesterday and get no credit. I've a good mind to block access to BitterWallet from my stations. I'm kidding of course. I love you guys.

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