Undercover laptop sleeves - because crooks are stupidheads

Thieves like nothing better than rummaging around your home or bag and stealing all the shiny things, like magpies but with opposable thumbs. But most light-fingered opportunists aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, which is why Lazybone think there's a market for these:

Like Transformers, there's more than meets the eye, because these envelopes are actually fully padded laptop sleeves - waterproof and tearproof - and available in two sizes, for netbooks and notebooks up to 17" wide. The theory is that some smack-addled scally won't bother peeping in an envelope of dull paperwork. Personally, I like nosing through tatty envelopes, because that's where gentlemen like to stash their lady grumble from the wife.



  • some s.
    Thanks man..........
  • Mazzy
    Just hide them under your sofa.
  • Pure-Klenz
    Hide them up your arse...
  • MATT
    always find it funny when you hear ppl saying white headphone let muggers know you have an ifony when the same ppl are happy to walk about with a laptop bag
  • Marcus S.
    Envelopes often contain money or jewellery. Most thieves will have a quick flick through envelopes if they see them. Also white headphones know people you are a tit. true story.
  • Mike e.
    Looks like they hid my comment too...

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