UK customer pick up Windows 7 for half price

UK customers are to be plunged into a frightening mirror universe - but with a good Steve Ballmer in charge instead of an evil bearded Mister Spock. Yes, there's a subtle shift in the balance of power, one we don't experience very often - and the culprits are Microsoft. Mwah ha ha ha ha.

It's in a good way, though. CNET UK have confirmed the new version of Windows will sell in the UK for half the price our US brethren will be forking out. Full versions of Windows 7 Home Premium will cost around £65 in Blighty - less than the price that the upgrade version will retail for in the US (£72) and nearly half what they'll pay for the full version (£122).

It's already available to buy on Amazon, ready for its October release. So Windows lovers rejoice, let the street parties commence, and remember to rub it in the faces of any American chums you happen to chat to today.



  • Bill B.
    America! F**k yeah!
  • Deejay
    Only for a limited period, till 2010 then it reverts back to £129.99?
  • RSG
    thats a first..whats happened here..its only a one off tho..american prices still rule then here however i have windows 7 def recommend it
  • Nobby
    Now is the time to buy shares in BA. Everyone in America will be flying here to pick up cheap copies of Windows 7. And that's a fact.
  • Lumoruk
    Nobby by name Nobby by nature ;) Do NOT buy shares in BA the CEO is working fore FREE they are in such a bad shape.
  • Motgod
    Agreed. Ignore BA shares. Some will fly by American Airlines, some by Delta, some by NWA. Maybe some will take Virgin too.
  • Mike
    and the UK one has 15% tax on it
  • goon
    jesus christ windows 7 is over hyped dogshit its just vista with a bit different graphics crowd mentality it very odd at least the price is half sensible i think a better price would be £40 premium and £75 for ultimate until microsoft do this piracy will be rampant
  • Andy
    "i think a better price would be £40 premium and £75 for ultimate until microsoft do this piracy will be rampant" Way to go genius, this new OS is already half the price when compared to the release or previous OS' by MS.
  • Sean
    Goon by name, retarded twat by nature...
  • Shadow
    Rule britannia! Now all we need to do is sort out this relationship with the US where they can extradite anyone they want.
  • andy y.
    They can have anyone they want if they take that c unt brown
  • Brian
    I'm still using Win95, BUT i do own an iPhone. Is this Windows 7 any good?
  • Thecableguy
    @ Brian: Have you installed '95 on your iphone?
  • Inactive
    Well it cannot be any worse than shitty Vista, I will stick with XP thanks very much.
  • goon
    name exactly what is better than shitty vista or even better link to a site with proof what is better
  • Andy
    @ Goon No, do your own research.
  • Steve
    lazy goon
  • Geoff J.
    Windows 7 is still the same source as Vista with minor tweaks. Goon is right. Of course if you compared the source files you will know this. What you didn't? But still you will insult people for bringing news that media will not report! I rest my case
  • Inactive
    Goon...correct user ID...Vista sucks.
  • Cheap_sack
    You all suck ass!

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