Time for your tablet - Apple unveil new creation 27th January

Bitterwallet - Apple event next on 27th January


  • Lope
    Hoping they really call it iSlate. http://www.islateblog.com/islate/apple-to-show-its-latest-creation-on-the-january-27th-event/
  • Mark P.
    I bet it's touchscreen dildo called iHorn
  • dunfyboy
    I assume they're calling it the islate because it will be as technologically advanced as a piece of slate, but with a user friendly interface.
  • Optombenno
    iscreen, youscreen, everybodyscreens... watch this space. Love that iscreen, lick it too.
  • who B.
    ------------------------ Hoping they really call it iSlate. ------------------------ The owners of that site will hope it's not as the Apple lawyers will be demanding the site be taken down as it's using their name.
  • Conor
    I reckon iSlate just sounds a bit shit, like iSlab and iPlank.
  • Ben
    what else will they offer? I'm guessing / hoping a 64gig iphone 3gs, before the 4g drops in the summer.
  • hmm
    hmm.. iFlat sounds jst as dumb ;p
  • pauski
    How about the iFuk fanboys?
  • Maude
    The rumour sites are ablaze. A lot of people reckon it's going to be called the Canvas after seeing the paint splodge invite.
  • mygoditsfullofst
    itwattingcare ?
  • Matt
    I pitched i-Brary. C'mon. It works on a couple levels.
  • Could B.
    iSlate Apple cuz I can't fucking afford one
  • Sideysid
    'iShaggedyourmum' as I think this is akin to the insult of what Apple are striving to do by passing this off as new technology
  • Jake
    Definitely going to be called iSlate. Every rumour points to it and only a few have called it 'iPad'. Besides, why would all of the manufacturers call their tablet pcs 'slate pcs' at CES?
  • Ewen
    It'll be a new phone called the iNokia or something - the suing war continues...
  • Carlos J.
    Whatever its called, expect several clones running windoze light several months afterwards, which will be cheaper and a hell of a lot shittier than Apple's ;) ipod anyone :)
  • Sideysid
    @Jake - Because slate pcs have been around since the early 90's. Im not speaking as an Apple hater, Ive worked with macs everyday (and owned several) since the Apple II days.
  • dunfyboy
    They can't have been around since the 90s coz crapple have just invented them. You don't expect me to believe they would just copy someone else's idea and stick an i on the front of it do you?
  • Mr G.
    I've heard it's going to be called the iHavetoomuchmoneyandbuythisshitesothatpeoplewilltalktomeohgodmylifeissoemptypleasesomebodymistakemeforsomeoneinteresting
  • Bill B.
    iKnow what it's called and it's specs... but iAm under an iNon-disclosure agreement until 12pm CET January i27th. iWant to iSay... but iCant.
  • ButterMan
    You just broke the terms of your NDA then, by admitting you've signed one. Well done. If you'd have signed it you'd have known this.
  • Bill B.
    Damn... you got me. iWasGot.
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