The watch that will tell you when your luck has gone down the pan

We’ve all got watches that tell the time – so what? Now there’s one that can tell your fortune, and help you avoid your downfall! Mwaaahaahaahaa!

Watchmaker Borgeaud have joined forces with Indian fortune tellers and a the watch includes a bedpan symbol which turns brown for 90 minutes every day. That’s the daily period known as the Raju Kaal, when it is believed to be a bad time to make decisions, unless you want them to go tits up of course.

Borgeaud is only making 650 of the watches and will be banging them out for more than £1500 apiece – just the kind of price that thick people and the generally mad like when it comes to make-believe shite like this.



  • Topman
    I hear every fucking banker was wearing a beta version when making maonumental decisions and look where thats left us Damn, should have got one before I said I Do !!! HA HA!!
  • blackgerbil1
    only £1500, i collect watches, i might buy this.
  • dan m. collect watches??hahaha! M U G
  • Magz
    How come you can say what you like on here, but the forums are so overly censored?
  • -=Mike H.
    My bog is brown for 90% of the day, is that the same thing? This is bad news as I do all my decision making whilst taking a shoit.
  • acecatcher3
    the forum is a "family one" so cant have bad language. this site despite having the link to hotukdeals on the page, isnt linked really so u can say what u want on here to a point. so racism and personal attacks arent allowed obviously but swearing is....i think andy has tourettes on the keyboard sometimes tho lol
  • Darren W.
    I got one from them Direct for £15.50 I bought it during the Raju Kaal time and I think the sales guys pants went brown after the 90 minute period!
  • Magz
    acecatcher3 - Gotcha =]
  • Adam2050
    Wonder what gullable person will buy this crap. Ad
  • blackgerbil1
    just orderd one, cant wait for it too come!
  • CC
    what a load of shite...
  • CC
    how about you post a decent story for once instead of this crap?
  • Yas88
    go to slumdog mumbai, fetch em for a tenner . ., you might everyone become a millionaire . .
  • Yas88
    even* (damn auto-completion
  • Jose
    Dan the Man..... you're a wanker.
  • dan m.
    jose you smell!
  • Fenza
    Sounds like an April Fool joke come early...

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