The tablet everyone will talk about - the Samsung Galaxy Tab

25 August 2010

While rumours of a seven inch iPad from Apple in the Autumn continue to swirl and fill the vacuum inbetween keynotes, it's likely to be upstaged by this magnificent beast from Samsung. We heard about the Galaxy Tab a couple of months ago, but now they've released an official video and it looks... gorgeous.

Bitterwallet - Samsung Galaxy Tab

Engadget have broken down the video shot-by-shot and pulled out the spec that's packed in - the tablet runs Android 2.2 on a 7-inch display, Swype (typing without your finger leaving the screen), HD movie playback, Flash support, GPS navigation, and an e-reader - as well as references augmented reality and video calling, and possibly an LED flash for the camera. Stick that in your pipes and smoke it, Jobs.

It's launches in Berlin next Thursday, and to be honest with you, we're more than a little bit moist about it. You can see the video on Samsung's YouTube channel.


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  • Lumoruk
    Competition prize please and I may just may consider joining you on Twitter ;(
  • Phil
    Now all they have to do is get the price right
  • PokeHerPete
    But its not made by Apple...
  • Angry B.
    7"? Hardly pocketable is it? and I'd feel a bit of a prat walking around with one in a little dinky neoprene/protective case/bag/whatever. I'm still waiting for Orm & Cheep to be beamed onto the inside of my eyelids.
  • David
    Will be fine. Will support everything that Apple's doesn't. There won't be any accessories for it and the battery will die after an hour. Due to Android fragmentation it won't get any updates. Some apps will run on it, some won't. They just can't make 'em like Apple makes 'em.
  • pt21
    @David Congrats on winning the award for the most inaccurate and baseless post of the year. R-tard.
  • Noodles
    @ david, you are a complete and utter prat..i bet u are stuck in jobs a-hole! @ Angry are a prat anyway..thats why u carry a bag..go back to your hole
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    7 inch though??? It neither summat nor nowt. To big to be pocket sized and portable, not big enough to make me want to swap from a laptop. So why do I still want one???
  • Stelph
    Annoyingly the most important questions still stay unanswered! Price? USB? SD Card Slot? Apple messed up (in my opinion) on the price and for leaving out those two slots, lets hope samsung get it right
  • Noodles
    @ShakeheadSadly - who cares what u want you one u carry an umbrella in ur pocket? no so why mention the portability? its uselful and light for gettin info when u need it! now go where the sun dont shine u douchebag!
  • David
    iPad lasts 10 hours. This will struggle to manage 3. Simples.
  • The B.
    I'd comment but then I'd look like I was having a go at the Apple fanboiz and I never mock those mentally less able.
  • Rayman
    I wonder if the GPS will actually work on Galaxy Tablet, because it don't on the Galaxy S Phone
  • Paul C.
    Oh dear. I see Noodles has got all excitable once again. Stir fried.
  • Noodles
    @ paul Coia..wat are u..some kinda stalker..u total imbecile go and focus on yourself..idiot!
  • The B.
    Paul, don't worry, only a couple more weeks and then it's term time again.
  • Alexis
    My mate's Android phone just crashes all the time.
  • Skymarshall
    Yeah. Wankers. Noobs,Tossers. I had an urge.
  • Junkyard
    Not sure about putting Swype on it - it's really useful for making typing more quick and accurate on a tiny screen, but dragging your finger around on a 7-inch display would be both annoying and redundant. @ Alexis - your mate should send it back (come on, this shit isn't rocket science).
  • Minelab D.
    The brand new samsung galaxy tab looks impressive it seems that every company is now offering it's own Computer tablet. i havent made up my mind weather to buy a ipad or some other tab. But i must admit that the Samsung is pritty tempting. Sara from the UK

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