The picture that's worth a thousand words, and costs £200

This may look like a photo of a girl in a stupid jaunty hat, but look again. Actually don't bother, because all you'll see is the girl in a stupid jaunty hat. There's more to this than meets the eye, however, and we're not talking about the wallet-shrinking £199.99 price tag:

Bitterwallet - Motorola LS1000W

It's a Motorola LS1000W digital photo frame with inbuilt wi-fi, meaning photos can be emailed direct to the frame. Carumba! Not only that, but the wunderframe can stream news and information from RSS feeds. The 10.4" display also has an MP3 player and inbuilt speakers, and probably a whole load of other magnificent crap we can't remember.

In short, it's a nice piece of shiny, but at a penny shy of £200 it's a little rich for our blood.


  • hank
    "photos can be emailed direct to the frame" - you'd want to be careful who you give that email address to...
  • My P.
    probably works out a bit cheaper than having your own daughter and having to buy her a hat then photography, processing and a frame though eh? LOL
  • MickeyB
    It's only £184.99 on CDiscount. You think I'd get loads of H+R if I posted it on HUKD? xx
  • Paul N.
    I like the one that auto streams photos on your flickr account.
  • applesux
    If was from apple Paul would have said: "For only 200 quid..."
  • Rich
    Maybe someone should give the McCanns one for Christmas with a picture of Madeleine in. That might cheer them up.
  • Que
    It'll eventually just flick through Cialis jpeg adverts unless that thing's got a spam filter too.
  • Barry
    It has one serious fundamental flaw - its a Motorola! That means its will break soon and any menu system will be so dificult to navigate it will end up in a cupboard very quickly.
  • fsck
    @MickeyB: £165.91 with free next-day delivery from :-P

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