The new Samsung Galaxy Tab? We're lovin' it so far

20 September 2010

I'm going to come right out and say it; I like the look of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Without giving a damn about Flash support or cameras or anything else - I like the size of it.

I'm still not convinced about the iPad; partly because it's geared towards media consumption rather than creation (it's difficult to leave the laptop in the Bitterwallet bunker and work from an iPad), but also because of the size - the iPad is is a little to heavy and a little too wide to hold comfortably.

The Galaxy Tab, on the other hand, looks like it's not only more capable, but more comfortable. Will you lose much of the tablet experience for the smaller screen? I'm going to guess not. Will it be locked down to the point of irritation? Probably not. Will the Android OS do a cracking job of utilising the larger screen and functionality of the hardware? We'll have to wait and see. In the mean, this new video should give you a better idea of what to expect when it becomes available before the end of the year.

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  • PaulH
    A wave of new Android tablets are being released next month by Archos, HP etc which are pretty much the same - I think these kind of devices will take off around xmas with people wanting an iPad type device yet not wanting to be a Hipster cockshaft - you mark my words!
  • singhster
    PaulH, 5/10. Possibly should've used a hyphen in "Ipad-type". Your words have been marked.
  • charlie
    it's the bloody same price as a ipad according to those pesky press people. but looks kool.
  • Mienaikage
    I've been looking forward to getting one of these, but I'm still worried about what the price is going to be...
  • charlie
    if it's around the 300-400 mark i buy one, if not samsung are smoking too much crack and will loose to the i- menstruation pad. The way i see it, a net book with mobile capabilities 300-400 sounds right.
  • PaulH Said they will retail around £269.99
  • charlie
    Paul H thats without 3g. But that price sounds pretty decent. still prefer 3g and at least a built in gps receiver for 299 then i am sold :)
  • Phil
    Assuming is the same device, £599 sounds a bit much to me.
  • greg
    i'm an iPhone hater, so recently i got an android phone after seeing what all the fuss is about, and i have to say: it's toilet. All these people saying android is better than iOS are lying, and just trying to be different and look cool. there's no app's i'd ever pay for, nothing works, all app reviews have comments like '1 star, deleted straight away, droid 2.1'. everyone has to list their platform and stuff, it's hell. it reminds me of why windows is so shit, it just gets dumped on all sort of shit devices. honestly, anyone considering android, despite it maybe being cheaper, don't do it.
  • christian
    fuck me. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It's looks exactly like a smaller iPad but there's one problem with it - It's not made by Apple. usability will be shite.
  • dopz
    The iPad is amazing. Get over it. This looks like a piece of crap.
  • Lutin
    @greg Bought an android phone after having an iphone for 2 years. For me, android is much, much better. Horses for courses.
  • stomm
    I disagree with greg's comments to be honest. I am also an iphone hater so I tried using my mrs' phone (htc hero running android) - at first I found it very difficult to use to be honest. I did my research though and found that the Desire supposedly fixed all the issues I had at the time with Android. After that it came to my upgrade so I picked up a HTC Desire on yodafone - I found the UI to be exactly the same as my Mrs'. After an OTA upgrade I got used to it and I can honestly say this is the best phone I've ever owned. Granted I still have some on-screen keyboard issues (I have homer thumbs) but now there's a version coming out with a built-in keyboard. To be fair greg is right in saying there's a lot of apps that are 1-starred in the market but if you do a bit of research there's some fantastic apps out there (depending on your lifestyle). On my android phone I have it customised so everything I need is on the front screen (shortcuts to bluetooth, profiles, wifi, contacts, calendar ((which is synched with google)) etc.) For everything I've needed I've found an app for it - the only one I've paid for is an app that turns my phone into a mini-webserver so I can reply to my texts through my internet browser (no more homer thumbs!) - this took all of about 2 minutes to configure as well. It cost £3! So my own opinion is have a long play with the phone and understand that you have the choice to change what you're looking at (pretty much completely). I don't know what particular apps greg has tried running but I've only had one not work on a HTC desire running Android 2.2 - I mean how many phones offer you a (albeit simple) on screen navigation system for your car/on foot for free? So what I'm saying is make your own mind up - ask other people's opinions who run Android and see what their experiences are. Going back to my Mrs' phone - now I know how to update the OS the issues I originally had with it are gone. To be fair this is the first phone where I've -ever- received updates to it's OS, also I can install any app I like without worrying I'm invalidating my warranty. I just simply uninstall and move on. I think the problem people have is that the phone is open for everybody to develop for it. So because of this there's a lot of crap on the market. It only takes a few seconds to google search "recommended free android apps" and keep an eye out for those.
  • PokeHerPete
    i agree with Lutin. Ive owned a iPhone for about a year and fortunately got a Android (Desire) mobile with work. At the moment I am pretty much tied between them. However Android does seem better for more tech savvy users, however the experience doesn't seem as 'professional' as on the iPhone. My main hate about the iPhone/Apple is the cunts require you to have a Mac to develop applications. Courses for horses.
  • akiss
    MY OH bought an Android X10 mini pro, dinky little phone, but every android app has worked and is free. I was expecting all the screen resolutions to be shot to fuck or 75% apps dont work, but all of them do. Currently have a (non android) Samsung Jet, my next phone will be Android.
  • dunfyboy
    Agree with the grown ups. Really liked android on my X10. Only problem was SE decided not to use a decent media player but downloaded a free one from the marketplace and problem solved.
  • Paddy
    I had an Iphone 3G-had it for 22 months. Got bored with it. Looked at the Iphone 4-didn't like it especially when it only had 1 bar of signal strength in the city centre as opposed to my Iphone 3G which had a full signal. I've now got a HTC Desire. I'm very impressed with it however I will say this. Battery life is,err, not very good. Apple App Store beats Android Market hands down I'm afraid to say. I still love it though and am glad I got it. I've still got my Macbook (3 1/2 years now) and will NEVER go back to Windows for my own personal use. It's a shame I have to use Windows for work purposes though...
  • Ben
    *sigh* Look. The iPad looks lovely, but is limited to being a slave device (needs attaching to a computer). The apple app store is unquestionably best. It has no webcam, the screen isn't particularly amazing, and it's a bit big. The Galaxy tab has a more desirable form factor (the slipping into the pocket is awesome. until you sit down.) but relies on Android, which as stated here, is a right mish mash, and isn't anywhere near as nice as iOS4. It also has a camera. Sooooo... in January Apple will announce iPad 2. It will come in two flavours - 7" and regular, and will have facetime integration, and if we all cross our fingers, say our prayers and hope REALLY hard, maybe a USB port. Either way, I'm waiting for that. Because bottom line, neither of these devices does what I want. Yet.
  • David
    I can never understand the negativity between fans of apple or fans of the android towards the other platform. At the end of the day healthy competition and choice is better for us consumers. It means that each company or platform has to step up their game each year to try and retain and gain new business. I personally love my apple gear but I'm interested to see what the competition throws up this year.
  • X
    Paddy - Advanced Task Killer will help, but yes...the battery life is the only downside on my Desire too.
  • ButterMan
    "Will it be locked down to the point of irritation? Probably not. " What's locked down about the iPad, if you're not too much of a twunt to be able to run the oh-so-complicated unlocking programs? Meanwhile, in Open Android Land all I ever hear about is network-branded handsets running a 3-versions-old OS with no option to upgrade unless you can root it, which doesn't seem simple and will piss off your network if you then need to make a warranty claim? How about reporting on reality instead of popular but bullshit "facts"
  • Mienaikage
    For those of you that don't like the built-in Android market:
  • tfeb
    I have an iphone 3gs and for the last 3/4 years iphone has been the clear leader in the market. Saw a presentation from O2 CEO at the time MAtthew Key and 3 yrs ago he went on record saying that Apple claim ihpine is 5yrs ahead of anything else. His response was I doubt 5 years but 3 definatly. In last week my OH was due an upgrade we looked at allsorts and loads of android powered phones and alternatives. Personally I thought the X10 mimi pro would br great for her but for whatever reason she didnt like it. She settled on a Pal Pre Plus (web Os I know) and returned it after a week. Now she is on a Nokia E72. All I know is after looking at loads of android phones, web Os and other stuff Ill be sticking eith Apple and Ipohne for the next couple of years as everything I have seen is guff.
  • Dear B.
    [...] Monday I was overtly enthusiastic about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab looking the business, offering more functionality than an iPad, and without some of the physical drawbacks – [...]

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