The iPod karaoke machine. There's no place left to hide.

What fresh hell is this? Given the choice between listening to friends and family members ruined on sherry sing the Grease Megamix, or sealing your ears shut with a combination of superglue and candle wax, there's no doubt you'd reach for the Loctite. Alas, karaoke is getting a sexed-up makeover by throwing an iPod into the mix. It's the John Woo equivilent of sewing the face of Cheryl Cole's face onto onto the body of Bella Emburg.

With speakers built into the base and an extra headphone socket for those haunting duets, the Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System allows you to sing along with your favourite songs and is waiting to be adored by teenage girls, middle-aged divorced mothers who get knickerless on Asti Spumante, and the socially stagnant. Available from Amazon US for the time being, if you insist.



  • Stevo
  • Paul S.
  • Nic
    Didn't the iKaraoke do this years ago???

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